Hit and Run Victim Ripped Up on Impact with Utility Pole

There Was A Lot of Fat in That Woman - Filipina After All

There Was A Lot of Fat in That Woman - Filipina After All

This happened in the Philippines, which more or less should be clear from the size of the female victim and the volume of fat on her.

According to the backinfo I got, the woman died a victim of a hit and run. She got thrown into a utility pole and ripped up on impact with it. I don’t have any more backinfo.

Props to Best Gore member @alienworm12 for the pics:

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143 thoughts on “Hit and Run Victim Ripped Up on Impact with Utility Pole”

  1. Look at that shit… you could replace the ball pit in the children’s play area at McDonald’s with this fat chick alone and there’d still be some left over to put in the burgers.

        1. You know, I’ve always wondered about that – if heavier people taste better than thin ones. Thanks for answering that for me. Personally, I’d go for lean muscle. I like my meat without any fat.

          1. They probably do. It’s why farmers fatten their livestock. A good comparison might be chicken thigh fillets vs chicken breast fillets. Breast fillets are alot meatier but thigh fillets taste better ‘cause they have about double the fat as breast fillets. Whether the same goes for humans, there’s only one way to find out.

          2. If you are going to eat animals, the fat is the healthiest part. Animal protein in general is bad for humans. Don’t get me wrong, I currently eat it too. I smoke and drink too, that doesn’t mean that I don’t know it’s bad for me. The food pyramid that we grew up with is completely wrong. It a actually upside down. Corporations get rich off of us eating meat. The medical industry would be fucked if people stoped eating meat. That shit causes most of our medical problems. The top performing athletes in the world are vegans, and I bet that twenty years from now, almost all of them will be at least vegetarian.

          3. @honkeykong
            I thought vegans and vegetarians were the same thing. The one’s that say “I’m a vegan/vegetarian but I eat fish” are weird cunts. That’s like a straight dude saying “I love pussy but every once in a while, I enjoy cock”.

          4. @jack-doe, vegans don’t eat dairy or eggs or anything that comes from animals (so honey is usually included in that). Vegetarians don’t eat meat, but can eat eggs and dairy (you do get the variety that’s non-lactose and non-egg). Those people who won’t eat red meat, but will eat fish, are called pescatarians. It’s all confusing as fuck. I just prefer the simple terms of carnivore and herbivore.

          5. Janiel knows her shit. I always thought vegan was just an abbreviation for vegetarian. Carnivore and herbivore does seem more suitable. I’ll be using those from now on. 😉

          6. I was a vegan for two months back in 2011 until I relapsed on bacon. Worst two months ever because I cut out anything that wasn’t fruits, vegetables, grains, or nuts. Cranky and emaciated.

          7. I couldn’t turn vegan if my life depended on it. I’m cranky enough most days without not eating right adding to it. But I did something similar in 2014 for rapid weight loss. Nothing but fruit, vegetables and nuts for 2-3 months except I’d order a huge meal at McDonald’s or wherever once every couple weeks because I couldn’t handle it. At one point you could see my skeleton sticking out.

          8. @hopingfornemesis
            I forgot to mention I also did a lot of running at the time too. Back then I wasn’t full on fat but still a bit chubby. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of muscle mass doing that as well but I’m pretty average weight now.

          9. @jack-doe, it actually did mess with my thyroid. I’m unable to keep weight on and I had to do a lot of muscle training in order to replace what I lost while on the vegan diet.

          1. I understood “eating fish and tossed salad” but the rest was incomprehensible. Let’s just say vegetarians who eat fish talk like retards.

        1. Seeing how this happened during daylight hours, they can’t CHARGE her for hitting a utility pole.

          Christ, they can’t even charge her for street walking, because she hasn’t taken a LOAD off the grid, as of yet.

          1. Wasn’t pale skin considered to be a sign of being wealthy back in the day? Because working-class people who performed day labor would have suntans from being outdoors.

        1. Ha! 🙂

          That reminds me…

          Was it Madge the beautician, that use to have her clients soak their hands in Palmolive?

          …late 70’s commercial I think

          But I remember a lot of my girls got a good soakin’ back then too.

  2. The road looks straight though; but narrow enough to be an accident prone one . C’mon dawg, I bet people in Philippines seem to be allegedly putting their high end vehicles, these days either in plowing utility poles , cotton fields or leisurely ripping pedestrians apart and carrying on with their “HIT & RUN ” streak with the others lined up as well on their hotlist towards their meeting the same horrid fate.

    Going by the magnitude of it , it needs no guessing where in the name of corona virus that car with with its driver must have gone landing mangling tearing each others apart and later bursting in to flames.

          1. Didn’t you know that insignificantly posed question deserve no answers .
            Man I hope you’re well poised in answering the individual
            you are advocating for ; as lately you seem to have an advantage of being in full control of your faculties, hereon some of the threads on BG.

          2. No offence intended Mr @Blucon, i know you have good intentions in making your comments ‘interesting’ – it’s just sometimes I get a bit lost in all the ‘interest’ ! But hey, don’t take any notice of my thoughts, I am merely an insignificant voice lost in the ether, despite my handsome face and muscle bound physique which has no effect whatsoever online, unlike in real life, face to face interaction where everything I say is agreed with and celebrated.

          3. I see quite a jump start made ;as far as your reply to my comment is offered .I do appreciate now that you are making that insignificant voice , sound significant and heard which wasn’t lost and don’t be alarmed as voices live forever in the ether , its simply a question as to who may end up finding them , in your case ya can celebrate as I being a connoisseur myself have found what ya thought was lost .

            You echoed and I heard you loud .

            Save for the attributes of handsomeness , muscle bound physicality ; I suppose it would have been fairly wise if those traits weren’t mentioned .But since in the same voice you’re profoundly making a second mention of your virtual
            and real life existences of being able to exude not what you can not and what you possibly can .
            It isn’t always about coming up with the best of riveting comments to have readers get glued ,its just about being here that’s all .
            Good on ya mate as ya say when interacting face to face with the others in REAL LIFE perhaps ,ya come out a winner making every soul get agreed and every say of yours gets celebrated.
            Keep it going that way and mind ya to look no further than the interesting comments only . Leave aside what’s not meaningful or relevant .

  3. May need to take his corpse of 26 years and soak it for awhile to plump it back up…… Fuck. Nevermind. He was cremated

    Millions of other land-a-tees still wet and well able to fly at Mach 2 into that pole though

  4. Yet another fucken “Hit & Run” saga . The way she’s been ripped apart in heaps of dead meat the canines from around that place will have a field day feasting for a week atleast.

      1. I know right but the scary part is when they decide to feast on their own pets is beyond me ……..why not the earth swallows them as a whole ; for being this cruel .
        Not even the butchers will do that to their enemies .

  5. what a beautiful hit and run, look at that hoe, she was pretty and ass was tap’able, may this be a lesson to all the bitches in the world, to stop fucking animals, these hit and runs are curses from the lawrd coz he’s angry that these hoes are getting boned by dog dick, chad and tayrone.

    1. @Maxheadwound – “finally see” – wow buddy, where have you been? Moving things colliding with stationary things (as well as everything else) have been recorded by photography / video and posted on BG since the beginning of time…….
      PS. I’m sure if you scrolled back all the way to page 1, you would find video of Christ’s crucifixion there, as well as the aftermath pics of Muhammad’s smiling death stare post bleeding out from being bum raped by 72 horny goats…………

  6. the Phils, being a colonized people, have lost their national identity and they actually despise each other. The Pinoy is a greedy, selfish, cunning pig-eating animal, who bow and grovel and grin in front of the colonial masters,(spain, USA, and now China). If there was just ONE true brave soul? he/she would somehow unite the poor to march upon the rich in manila and cebu like the Khmer Rouge marched on Phnom Penh, and killed a million of these disgusting parasites.

    All these Chinese mestizos, and American mongrel Fil-AMs? the ones that control your country, the media and dominate your economy and turn you all into overseas servants and whores.
    China did it,. Vietnam did it. when will the PHILIPPINES have their revolution? COWARDS

  7. She wasn’t ripped up. She exploded like a fat bomb when she hit the cement pole doing at least 50 mph. That’s the kind of pressure it would take to do this. Obviously a lot of pressure. Her liver is almost intact. Her kidney laying by her head. And various other goodies laying around.

    1. I don’t see a problem here…

      They’re always “Packing their Belongings” for their next corpse.

      If they had a sign that said “No Deposit, No Return,” then the Job Opening was probably Filled by another coroner.

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