Hit and Run Victim in Rough Shape with Both Legs Broken

Hit and Run Victim in Rough Shape with Both Legs Broken

In Makati, the Philippines, a car driver hit a young motorcyclist, and fled the accident scene. The victim was left on the road in rough shape, with both legs broken, large wound on his forehead, and fractured wrist.

Witnesses say the hit-and-run car driver was in the wrong. They say it was a grey station wagon that hit the biker.

Props to Best Gore member PERATHSAVOR for the video:

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    1. I thought the thumbnail was a still shot from a dashcam, with the yellow being the hood and the passenger’s hands coming up to brace on the dashboard. I was trying to figure out how they got the video when they didn’t even know who did it!

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      1. He’s out in 4 months time, they were going to let him out now, he’ll be under house arrest in his uncles mansion. Oh the lack of humanity, the gnashing of teeth, the horrors of such a diabolical punishment for such an inconsequential little murder.

  1. It’s obvious that he was getting ready to perform in a play. Someone told him to “break a leg”, but being the ultimate professional that he is, he decided to break both legs. What a fucking show off. The ambulance immediately took him to the performing arts center in downtown Manila. On with the show.

  2. He must be in Partial Shock,,, because he would have screamed his head-off the second they touched his legs! This poor guy will probably have 3 external fixators for a couple of months, followed by a fuckload of physio. Poor Dude Man! I hope they catch that prick who hit him.

    1. @Trollin Dirty
      it happens everywhere all around the world .you will rarely find very few compassionate people but most are stone cold and they go about their daily chores paying scant regard to human values. But what happens when they are the victims?

  3. WTF these medics have never heard of immobilization?? I saw the guy grab the pair of splints and was like, “Yes! Someone got trained right!”, – then proceeded to watch dumbfounded as he shoves and STRAIGHTENS the guys broken legs onto the stretcher, and didn’t seem to know what to do with the splints!

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