Hit and Run Video from Russia Shows Driver Fleeing After Killing Wheelchair Man Assistant

Hit and Run Video from Russia Shows Driver Fleeing After Killing Wheelchair Man Assistant

CCTV video from Moscow in Russia shows an out of control car hitting a man assisting a wheelchair bound person on a soggy street. The car tightly, but completely misses the wheelchair, but according to the information I got, the assistant was fatally struck.

The driver then pulls a hit and run on the accident scene, although the victim’s co-workers appear to yank the car’s damaged bumper off the vehicle before it flees.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Hit and Run Video from Russia Shows Driver Fleeing After Killing Wheelchair Man Assistant”

  1. The driver has been trying to kill that guy in the wheelchair for months now. The same thing keeps happening over and over again, he just keeps barely missing him. He tells himself, I’m gonna get that son of a bitch one of these days..

  2. See, this is the problem with life. It throws random shit at you just for kicks.

    When that assistant woke up that morning, he had dreams, ambitions, life-plans just like anyone else.
    At that moment before he was struck, he was counting the hours down before hometime when he just just chill out and think of his holidays. And then…..

    BAM!!! Out of nowhere, out of the blue, an out-of-control car just appears from thin air and strikes him down fatally. As he died, he was probably thinking “WTF??”

    1. The funny thing is he doesn’t even need it. He uses it to lure men wearing hi-vis in and then he rapes and eats them. I’ll bet he muttered to himself, thanks for tenderizing my meat u fuckwad.

  3. lucky the guy in the chair didn’t get clipped, too. that’s crazy. even crazier how the one dude just kept standing in the middle of the street. like, dude, you just watched someone get splattered, why you still standing in the street?! grab the wheelchair and get you and the disabled dude out of the damned road.
    poor assistant, i hope they catch the asshole driver.

  4. This was the locally run(Vodkar)euthanasia program in Russia. Wheelchair guy was actually the subject to be euthanized by the Vodkar. Instead, one of the euthanasia team members was struck and killed to the adoring screams of gorefans worldwide!

    Now, it may be misconstrued that those gentleman are at odds with the driver when in actuality… They’re telling him to go back around and get it right! … U Dumb fuk!

  5. The wheelchair dude will probably feel guilty as fuck for the rest of his life, even though it wasn’t his fault. There will always be that cruel “What if…?” going through his head. I wonder if he wishes to be the one who died instead of the assistant… Well, I’ll never find out.

  6. This is one of those tragedies that are unique and rarely captured on video! Unique by the way that guy was able to grab the bumper as a souvenir prior to the car speeding off and rare by this poor guy is trying to lend assistance to a wheelchair bound man right before an out of control vehicle hits and kills him while leaving the guy in the chair untouched and unharmed! That’s a perfect example of one second your living life and the next your dead in a blink of an eye my friends.

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