Dutch Biker Enters World of Hurt by Landing on Iron Fence Spear Points

Dutch Biker Enters World of Hurt by Landing on Iron Fence Spear Points

Dutch Biker Enters World of Hurt by Landing on Iron Fence Spear Points

CCTV from the Netherlands (according to the backinfo I got), shows a biker clipping a wrought iron fence, and gliding down its spear point top. He survives the crash, but enters the world of hurt.

I’m guessing that among other things, he also nicked his gonads. He seems to be hurting quite a bit in that region.

Maybe it’s the way of the higher power telling him that the last thing the world needs are morons who ride shirtless and in flip flops having the ability to reproduce.

Props to Best Gore member @robindonne for the video:

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105 thoughts on “Dutch Biker Enters World of Hurt by Landing on Iron Fence Spear Points”

    1. HAHAHAHA. That’s what i call RRRRRRROUGH RIDE. I wonder what he saw when he looked down at his crotch. that’s when he first started hollering. i bet his balls were still hanging on the fence. at least he missed the car. and he has damn flip flops on.

      1. I hate silly cunts that go around public looking like that. That would fucking suck though.

        Dudes…….. basketball shorts, not wearing a shirt, wearing flip flops, backward baseballs hats, sports jerseys, all that stupid bullshit IS NOT PROPER DAILY ATTIRE. You’re not 12 anymore.

  1. Delayed reaction to a major bo-bo, lol. ?? like wtf. Must’ve been a Bald Chinese Bike driver.
    He should drive a fucking bicycle, instead of a motorbike when born with only 25 % vision
    that stupid slant-eyed, egg-roll snortin,,, flied-lice slurping, nose picking & snot eating fuck.

    1. He didn’t start screaming until he looked down and saw a piece of fence where his dick used to me.
      My question is; what the fuck was he doing on the sidewalk, and why no protection except some shorts, flip flops, and (since you seem to think he’s a chink) his bald “Chinese” numb skull . As you say, give the fucker a bicycle but throw in some training wheels and maybe some chopsticks to hold his new miniaturized wiener when he takes a leak, or beats off.

  2. The first spike he hits, he actually bends the point a good angle with his body. I reckon if it had held firm his guts would be hanging on it. Instead he slid off it but it must have dug deep before bending. There is a good likelyhood it ripped up his groin and balls pretty bad.

  3. For fuck sake. He only snagged one of his bollocks on a decorative spearpoint and squashed the other one on the iron bar railing at 30 mph. His Old Mr Floppy has been ripped from its socket. Jeez you would think that he’d REALLY hurt himself. Most Scotsmen do that kinda shit before breakfast and then another few times before lunch. This fool is behaving like a little girl and needs to man up. Or clip the whole tackle off with a pair of wire snips, make himself a vagina and have done with it.

  4. What a stupid eggplant head …
    I fill sorry for real when i hear screaming like this one , i hope he’s survived …. But i hop he will use pain as a vaccine in his sub conches , to prevent himself doing that mistake again…

  5. Could you imagine the pain of breaking 5 or 6 ribs besides ripping your skin like that,,, FUCK-MAN! 🙁
    I broke a rib, and cracked another a couple of years-ago, and it hurt for like a full year before it properly healed-up. Man it was painful. 🙁

    Like the pain looked so bad, he did not walk it off, he ran it off at the beginning of the video, lol.

  6. I’m sorry, bro, but since I didn’t see any red fluid squirting out of you and you screaming like that, haha, I couldn’t hold it and bursted myself out laughing. Haha! Lmao! And the car that stopped for a moment, the driver had to think it twice to then “wtf this dude’s screaming like crazy. Imma head out”, added it up.

  7. Protip, when badly injured, bleeding like a stuck pig, stop running around like an idiot. That increases heart rate and blood loss. Start finding ways to staunch the bleeding and try to stay calm, hard to do when you’ve tried to ride a spiked fence however…

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