Hong Kong Man Randomly Shoves Woman Acting Like She Owns Train Station Onto Tracks

Hong Kong Man Randomly Shoves Woman Acting Like She Owns Train Station Onto Tracks

Best Gore member @sloth12 hits the nail on the head:

It’s just sheer brilliance. He’s had enough of his shit life, he sees the bitches acting like they own the place, all big shot, so he pushes one onto the train tracks. Perfect. I get a rush from these ones.

I got to admit, that even though “Man Shoves a Woman Onto Tracks” sounded all kinds of boring at first, once I saw the video, I LOL’d and thought I’d brighten your guys’ day too.

According to the information I got, the incident happened at a train station in Hong Kong. A 59 year old cleaner got nonchalantly pushed onto the rails by a guy who wouldn’t waste another second of his life on the woman and casually walked on.

Thanks a lot for the video and your commentary, @sloth12:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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174 thoughts on “Hong Kong Man Randomly Shoves Woman Acting Like She Owns Train Station Onto Tracks”

  1. Yeah “Get back in the kitchen bitch”. When i was a kid men went to work, they came home and the rule was i want my dinner on the table and my bath set. Thanks for the mention mark.

    1. Okay, so you’re old school. That’s totally fine if you prefer that life. You should be happy. But question: was pushing a random, unsuspecting person onto train tracks helpful in any way to any one? Was that okay? Just curious.

          1. No, guess I don’t get it. You’re too arbitrary with what you find right or wrong to get.
            The randomness is funny. But what does that have to do with dinner on the table and that stuff? Russian girl with the match; you stood up for her. Why? Oh fuck it, head pain trying to understand people like you. Have a good day. Hope your dinner is piping hot. 😉

          2. itsplasterwhat Russian girl with a match? you mean the one who leaned out the car? i have a brain injury so i don’t always remember things, it’s also getting worse and i’m hoping it’s developed into a tumor, but that’s just me. I don’t visit doctors because they’re all just drug dealers. Dinner used to be ready on the table 50 years ago before we became a bunch pussy whipped western nations. Since women got equality it became more than equality and we don’t stand up to them, because we don’t stand up to women we don’t protect them against the invading races, it’s a weird symptom of feminism, it’s cut our balls off so we stand by and watch muslims rape our women. By the way i’m not saying i’m normal, i’m weird and i like weird people.

      1. So you do see now what men have been saying for a while…THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE AND WOMEN ARENT GONNA LIKE IT…im not just saying that from my experiences on here but in real life…more and more i hear men talking about how sick they are of women…u dont hear it because men wont tell you that because you are a woman…n on top of it i promote MGTOW everywhere i go…n i consider myself half assed influential…

        1. capitalism and feminism fucked everything up, made houses two times more expensive and men are virtually helpless without a strong cunt bitch. A male without a woman nowadays is WORTHLESS and destined for homelessness unless he kisses ass 24/7

          1. I’m male, I have had no woman in tow since 1999 (which is when I woke up to them and imprinted my bootprint on the ass of the last of them at the doorway), I’m certainly not homeless, nor am I broke, I’m nowhere near “helpless” and, most importantly of all, I’m very happy how I am.

            @cliff89 , Please leave the generalising about males to the cucks, libtards and feminists. Just because you may well be in that category it doesn’t mean we all are; and the same applies to women: just because most women are monkey-branching sluts (or just plain sluts), it doesn’t mean they all are.

            A piece of advice for you if you’re struggling to afford a home: find a respectable, working buddy who also doesn’t want to live with a woman and then buy/rent a place between you. I guarantee it’ll be a lot more fun. You’ll answer to no one and you’ll be able to do what you like, whenever the fuck you like. If you don’t like housekeeping then hire a cleaner once a week. If you don’t have or can’t get a women for the week then hire a hooker. These two options are much cheaper than a wife. Who knows, if your buddy also wants in on the hooker you might get a discount. Sounds like a win all round to me. 😀

          2. @psychotherapist…I know some men think its inconceivable to be happy without a woman…its kinda sad…n its a lot to explain…but even with explanation its hard for them to understand…they really just gotta let go of those fears n submerge themselves in it to see…n then they are able to get past the brainwashing n truly live independent successful and happy. I hare some of the household chores so I pay someone to do them n I pay well…I’m just a way better person all around with this way of life…feels great…

        2. JSM In no way addresses my comment. I said people are hallucinating if they saw her do something to the guy. All your hang-ups and getting off on the chick getting pushed still doesn’t show her doing anything to the guy.

          1. I did answer your question..its just too ugly of an answer for you to want to accept….which is: people don’t give a fuck about reasoning or what she did wrong or how it’ll fix anything because men are tired of trying to fix anything with women…they’re gonna do what they want because FUCK WOMEN…cold hard ugly and nasty of it!!! Just like that. Women brought it on themselves…

          2. Or by your logic is it actually ‘all’ men getting what they deserve? Last time I checked men were in full control until the 19th century, perhaps its actually women’s turn to do what they want to men.

          3. @ummagunna…..there is no logic to it…its happening…men are fed up…its happening…its not about logic or if its right anymore…its happening…and once its happening…its happening…these sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein will just deepen it…seems like they aren’t linked…but they are…you just have to look at it a little closer…cuz women use sexuality to get ahead sometimes….now the benefits they gained are in the past and can no longer benefit from them…so what do they do???? Cry sexual harassment and get a whole new set of reparations…at the ruining of a man and all he’s built and his expense. It happens the same if marriages….once the benefitting has ceased then its off to monkey branching and divorce to get that last pay check again sometimes ruining a man and all he’s built and at his expense…

          4. itsplaster i Think John answered your question. It’s all about MGTOW. We’ve had enough of begging you to allow us to see our children, taking our houses off us because you’ve been married for a few years and you put a couple of kids in there. I have to say i felt a lot of sympathy for OJ Simpson. not saying he was right just i understand what he allegedly done.

          5. John Yes there is logic, i know men are fed up which is exactly what happened with women, they got fed up, deal with it like you want all women to deal with being treated like shit, evidently you taking enjoyment out the fact it was a woman that got pushed who as far as we could see had not done anything.

          6. John women don’t need to be anything to you, you aren’t interested in being anything to do with women thats great. but don’t be under the impression you are some sort of saint calling people out because you’re infact just as bad.

          7. Polluted – Um okay? So if it’s all women will pay for your shitty women, okay. I’ll be a little more on guard and be ready when a stranger wants to hurt me because of his piece of shit wife.

          8. John no, that was just one of your points. I mean why would you get such a kick out of a woman because she is a woman, getting pushed onto a track just for finding them useless?
            I mean im sure einstein would think that about you. there are a small percentage of us that are of any worth, men are the brains, inventors. but great people are a small percentage, the rest are nobody’s.

          9. Because i dont like female interaction with men as it complicates thing…even on a job…you can have a good team but you throw a woman in the mix and now you got other men trying to pick up for her uselessness…or you gotta worry about them screaming sexual harassment or discrimination because if they are fpund to be useless n removed they attack back with that rendering them even more useless… Now i dont care if a woman were to push that woman in there…because that would entail 2 useless women fighting over something useless…but this man did it because he considered her a useless cunt…n to that i say Bravo!

    1. @Lucypussy: I hope the psychopath is traced down and given a Lynch party a la African or Brazilian style. It would be pure ecstacy to see the POS beg for mercy .
      She “din duu nuffin” to provoke his cowardly evil deed.

      1. I read that the woman had just reprimanded that man for standing inside the yellow line …because he could fall in or the train could hit him if he was standing inside of it. So when he saw her inside the yellow line he got pissed and pushed her in.

  2. I don’t get it…how was she acting like she own anything? Literally just minding her own business waiting for the train? I get the hating on feminism thing, I hate it too. Women hating men just because they’re men, putting them down, but this is becoming the same thing as modern feminism. Hating women just because they’re women.

  3. Women get treated bad all over the world. All these stupid feminists protesting. I bet if we held out on the pussy and killed every child we were impregnated with these dumb strong bastards would have more respect. But you dumb bitches will never get the picture. Until women start fighting back, I feel no sympathy. My daughter’s dad use to talk mad shit until I millywoked his ass.. Even though we aren’t together, we get along grand.. toe to toe with his big black useless ass for years. I’ll be godamned before I let a man beat me.. In the voice of Oprah in the color purple lol

    1. Women dont have to hold out on the pussy…men are realizing more n more how useless it is…n as far as kids…men who want kids are looking more n more for surrogate mothers…n women will do it all for a dollar…women are no longer useful and men have been realizing that more n more…n well you know we’ll just keep beating that drum so even the deaf men can feel the vibrations if they cant hear it…i try to use my influence toward the advancement of women…it just so happens that tge advancement of men is dependent on the disregard for women n not forming any relationships that require trust….because as i said…women are useless…no offense its just the facts n the truth


          The Code-Lavender, shaming-tactic bell has been rung once again by a feminazi. Typical, they can’t produce a response so in the standard female style the ad hominem attacks begin.


          I’ve said this before to others and I think I’m going to say it many more times in the future: Your own words condemn you!

          1. Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, lavender’s green,
            When I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen:
            Who told you so, dilly dilly, who told you so?
            ‘Twas mine own heart, dilly dilly, that told me so.

            See what they nasty of, dilly dilly!!

        2. you see that typical woman reply to men not wanting them “you’re gay” . no we’re not gay we’re MGTOW. We can smell bitches like you a mile off and know what you’re after. So we keep clear or we fuck and go.

      1. john singleton mosby notice how asscake didn’t turn on the man until after she got the baby? the welfare etc etc , yeah right, then she turns on him, typical example of pussy using men as sperm donors, that’s exactly what we’re all talking about here, they kick the man out and if they get a male child they kick him out too as soon as his welfare stops.

        1. all dating is now is just bitches looking for a place to bring their kids, if you don’t have a house then you basically will never have sex from the ages of 16-30 after that it’s no point, your kids will hate you for aging that rapidly and giving them shitty old people genetics. I’m just waiting for my parents to die then offing myself or not having any kids of my own, which ever mood I’m in but I’ll be damned if I have to slave until I’m no longer useful to society if I can’t even have a place to rest my head I’ll put that shit on the train tracks like in inception

        2. I’m not calling anybody gay and don’t use it as a defense mechanism. I also don’t have a bunch or even one kid. But I do think that pushing the women onto the tracks was wrong and not even because it was a woman. Pushing random people onto train tracks is fucked up. Doesn’t even have to be a gender thing at all.

          1. @itsplaster
            yeah, asscake kinda stepped in it with the cliche’ shaming tactics. That’s prevalent on both sides when intelligent debate deteriorates into name calling. Oh, and killing babies to teach men a lesson??? Not even gonna ask! She can’t be “muh Boo” no more though. 🙁
            Anyway, if I understand you correctly, your one and only aversion to this video is the fact that a random person pushed a random person onto some random tracks with no provocation evidenced within the video that was presented to us. A senseless act of violence. Wouldn’t then almost all of the content on BG be offputting to you as well?

          2. @dan-a-conda I won’t play coy and pretend the issue didn’t initially aggravate me because of the gender issue. When there is ample evidence that people here think she deserved it simply because she’s a woman, the gender issue kind of slaps one in the face.
            However, I truly do think pushing any one onto train tracks as a “punishment” for NOTHING is crazy regardless of gender. But I rarely see commentary or comments praising random acts to men simply because they’re men. When I see someone write “Man shot for being snobby male” then I’ll gladly question that too. But there’s usually some criminal element that transcends gender. I hope that answers your question.

        3. Yup..what bitch would stay in a relationship if the govt is offering…welfare…child support from man (that means money and keeping men down = double whammy) free housing and monkey branching without impunity??? And you’re right about welfare stopping…stay nasty of it my friends!!!

    2. Asscakepattybonbon when you needed that place you live in, money from the state, you knew you had to go to man for his sperm, at that time you acted all sweetness, once you got your daughter, you got the roof over your head, the welfare and all the other benefits you turned on the man, acted like he was the baddy, no one asked you to go down that route so don’t make out you’re the victim now, you’re as much of a scam artist, lying hypocrit as all other women and when you need more welfare you’ll go looking for another man and open your legs again.

  4. Judging by her safety vest as well as the person’s across the tracks that she was communicating with, she works there. Although she wasn’t acting like she owned the place in any way, she might have legitimate authority and that didn’t sit well with “Mr. Ain’t no woman gonna tell me what to do.”

  5. “It’s just sheer brilliance. He’s had enough of his shit life, he sees the bitches acting like they own the place, all big shot, so he pushes one onto the train tracks. Perfect. I get a rush from these ones.” Where does this come from? It was a woman who works in the station talking to another woman who works there. You get a rush from this pathetic shit? How about i nut deep up in your anus while i crack your neck so hard you turn blue and your eyes go blank. Then cut your dick and nut sack off and stick them down your esophagus? NOW THATS A RUSH YOU FUCKING GOOF CUNT!

    1. haha that’s funny, another white knight pussy whipped wimp making threats on the net, okay you do that but do me a favour, record it for best gore so everyone can see your handywork. I’m okay with other best gore members watching me die, they’re quite welcome. However pussy, your views on the video are certainly in the tiniest minority here. Have you thought of going to oprah for a little love and a back rub?

    2. @Prince_Cock_and_Balls
      Fuck everyone else. You had me at, nut deep into my anus. The rest is just gratuitous flirting.
      It seems like you’re on the fence about cutting the dick and balls off then sticking them in the esophagus since you posed it as a question. Think about it and let me know…but don’t take too long!!!

      1. Ronald Ray Gun yes it all sounds a bit gay. i just hope he just shoots me and be done with it, i’d prefer a head shot but being topped by a tranny probably involves some castration.

  6. women become dickheads when they have everyday normal jobs like the rest of us while their 3 kids are being watched amoung 40 other little niglets and they contribute to hyper inflation with their stupid wage equality bullshit +1 for the man

    1. The face planting on the rail must hurt like fuck…..!!!!!
      From now on the left eye can be on Facebook……
      While the right one is googling how not to get hurt on your job……!!!!
      Can’t beat that shit…..!!!!!

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