Horrible Accident Leaves Many Dead and Many Grieving

Horrible Accident Leaves Many Dead and Many Grieving

Grieving survivors of brutal accidents seems to be the theme for today. Some pretty sad shit here, boys and gores. Lots of people wiped out in a vehicle accident. I’m not sure where the video is from, but aside from the body count, the thing to really note is the ones left alive and grieving. Like the little one sitting quietly by their parent’s corpse. Or the one tugging at the arm of another one.

Nothing is ever more humbling than seeing your own reduced to corpse flesh in front of your very eyes. Many of us view it with ease because they are not our own, but if nothing else, Best Gore has you keep in mind that this could be any of you, or those you love. Many of us believe that this one life is all that we get. I suggest you live it as if that were true.

Thanks to MrsPink.

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    1. I’ve become so desensitized by BestGore that none of these videos affect me or make my feel empathy for these people. Also because stuff like this happens all the time all over the world. There’s no point in feeling sorry or empathy for these people as it just makes you feel sad and that is not an emotion I want to feel.

      1. I honestly don’t feel anything when I see these videos. It’s like seeing someone sneeze and saying “bless you”. It’s as though there’s nothing that can surprise me anymore since I create my own gore at home. I watch these videos and think “yeah, whatever. show me something gross.”

        1. Yeah maybe I should have some feeling about the things I see here on BG, than again maybe not. The truth is I haven’t “fealt” for so long I can’t even pretend anymore, long before BG showed me the reality of life. Ever since I was young I knew I was different, never accepted. Though I tried and gave it my best mask. BG has opened so many portals for learning, I can’t thank every SOB enough. Death is reality and to turn a shoulder away from it is a sad, idealistic world I refuse to live in.

        2. Why the fuck everyone’s a pussy here? You are in BESTGORE and obviously here’s a lot of gore stuff, sincerely, your fucking faggot comments make me laugh, how weak all of you are thinking that are though enough for watching a beheaded man or dead children HAHAHA suck my balls anyone who’s reading this

        1. I wonder the same. I used to be able to watch children get hurt or killed without any type of emotion. But now that I have my own little ones, I can’t stand seeing any children getting hurt physically or emotionally. Hell, even the scene from “A Serbain Film” when the main character found out he was fucking his own little boy made me cry.

          1. Kids getting hurt doesn’t faze me at all. hey’re just mini adults who grow up very often to perpetuate the violence, hate and misery.

            can’t watch any videos with animals. They are the real innocents who always suffer at man’s evil hands. They have few choices, and are at the mercy of man. When they attack it is their instinct. Not because they set out that morning to fuck someone or something up.

            The more I see of mankind, the more I love my cat.

          2. @ MrsPink . I’m wit you on that. After having my own kid it different now, their thoughts are so innocent and for them to experience these things, my heart just goes out for them. But other than that show me the gore!!

      1. . Their is nothing wrong with people who dont like seeing children suffer. Like myself, it makes my heart ache. Your “shocking” , “im not fazed bullshit”, isnt impressing anyone. As a matter of fact, that cold front persona you put on, makes me feel sorry for you. Being able to stomach gore is one thing, having no empathy for an innocent is, in my opinion not right. You are entitled to your opinion and views. However i would advise you to reevaluate your thought process. These types of emotions are the only thing that, separates men from beasts.

          1. I am emotionless and can’t feel little empathy, i was diagnosed with Aspd, so i can watch this shit and laugh my fucking shit out of this without giving a fuck, does that makes me a bad person?, they are already dead, who the fuck cares? They are not gonna resurrect because of your shit tears, this video is here and it’s here to enjoy it, i suppose you are some NIGGER snowflake shit, eat my balls

    2. I don’t think i can watch this. There’s some truly gruesome stuff on here that fascinates me, but anything to do with children, my blood runs cold and i avoid. The still from this video looks heartbreaking

  1. this world is so chaotic its hard to understand or take it in how fast it goes and how fragile we are. here for a drop in the ocean yet so complex thoughts and emotions stream through our brains 24/7. when you sit back and think of the vastness of the universe it makes you realise what a dot on the univerese you are. stay vigilant and stay alert my friends cos if this site teaches you nothing but awareness then thats good. stay alive goreans and keep those scanning everything and everyone.

        1. I think I’d rather focus my energy on enjoying my life day by day than on thinking of all the ways I could possibly die. Yes don’t be completely oblivious like some of the tards that end up entertaining us on here on BG, yes, buckle your seatbelt, but seriously who wants to walk around all day thinking, “ok how many ways could I die today and how can I prevent my death?” Fuck that. I suffer from enough anxiety as it is. Thank god for Valium

      1. It just makes me think of my own children. I get myself riled up thinking about it being me dead and my littke boy wondering why there’s blood all over over me and wondering why his mummy won’t wake up. Then it’s just stuck in my head for ages

  2. death is the only certain thing in life,some of us live in peaceful countries where violence doesn’t exist,that’s why we fail to realize the true meaning of life…I was kidding I can’t blame myself for being so desensitized since I’ve been through a lot of things,that’s why I live my life and say what I feel and thought,cause that’s what makes me happy,yes I’m “shocking” as you say but that’s who I am and if you don’t believe it well that’s your problem Lol πŸ˜€

          1. You’re right that way I’ll be accepted by everyone πŸ˜€ btw long time no see you @gentle hope you’re doing fine :3

      1. well if you drive like an idiot an f250 won’t save you. like if you get hit by a semi or bus a pickup truck would get destroyed. I guess you are safer if you get hit by a car just due to the fact that you are sitting up higher. i have seen crash tests of some big pickups and they don’t do well. also trucks don’t have to pass the same safety tests as passenger cars.

        1. Well it pretty much comes down to mass, weight, and height. Most of the vehicles on the road are cars, and they are smaller, lighter and lower than a full size pickup, so against them I would win almost every time. I have been hit a few times by others in cars (their fault) and I didn’t have a scratch and they went to the hospital, some in bad shape.
          Safety tests are often skewed from reality. I would rather be in my 6000 pound F-250 when colliding with a Toyota Camry, Chevy Cruze, or some other car.
          With all the large vehicles on the road here in the US, it amazes me how many people put their life on the line by bying a small vehicle just to save a few hundred dollars a year on gas.
          I think it should be a requirement for every one to visit BG before they go car shopping….

  3. Well said Obli, your words ring very true, for me anyway. I find it easy to watch and comment on stuff mainly because it has already happened and nothing I say or do will change it, and its almost a way of celebrating the fact it wasn’t me or anyone I knew. Some I feel sorry for, others I don’t. Regardless, death has a very different feel to it when it occurs first-hand, but always remains fascinating.

  4. I do feel for children when they are not only involved in such accidents but to be sitting there staring into the eyes of their loved ones hoping and trying to wake them up to tell them that everything will be ok even when the truth is hovering in the back of their mind and hearts like an ill consuming shadow that can not be fought off all the while feeling the heat leave the bodies along with their sanity.

  5. The last girl was at least a bit alive!

    Looks like that mangled headrest saved her life.

    Too bad it was an option to buy headrests for the back row seats of the van…. damn you daddy spend a few bucks on safety of your family!

  6. So young, to have to deal with that horror. This is why God does not exist! For if he did, wouldn’t he end these horrific tragedies? But if he does exist, go fuck yourself God! You’re a piece of shit “parent”!

  7. That poor kid at the end of the video… I wonder if that was his whole family that got butchered?…
    One minute you’re going to market with your family and before you know it you’re an orphan…
    I hope this kid will find a loving family that’ll take care of him and ease his burden…
    Very sad…
    Good post @Obli…

  8. What an awesome message from obli. It’s hard to believe there is a God after seeing all that we’ve seen but if this is all there is its up to us to make the most of our lives and the world a better place.

  9. Sadly the accident likely occurred half an hour before the video was recorded and not a single ambulance or meat wagon to be seen.

    The language sounds Arabic, maybe Palestinian.

    It’s not “fair”, but life is not a paradise. We all must die somewhere and some time. That’s life.

  10. this is routine in our world with 7000.000.000 of individuals every day death is very present taking is toll.
    chaos comes to everyone, child or adult, good or bad
    worse, the powerful and corrupt kills the weak on purpose everyday while most of us just live our lives of eat / work separated from the true reality of our rock.

      1. lol I’m not sure wether or not he’s a real jew but that’s not his real name and pic so don’t get to worked up. He’s a funny bastard though I’ll give him that

  11. it happend in egypt
    the guy said
    (oh my god they are all dead)
    (lets walk away .. i can’t see any more)
    (alot of children is dead)
    and the woman screaming (some one help us the old lady will die)

  12. It is sad to see the children sitting next to their parents body. Much like the bear cub in those nature movies sitting next to it’s mamas body. It realizes it’s time to move on when she starts stinking up the place.

  13. The person who writes the captions to these items, some really deep stuff there. An excellent writer, sometimes sad, sometimes amusing, but always interesting and easy to get to the point of. Well done sir or lady.

  14. This happened in my country Egypt on the Alex Desert Road, which is a 3 hour high way from Cairo to Alexandria (the resort area).

    The people were in what we call in Egypt a micro bus. It’s for the less fortunate people who can’t afford trains or their own cars. These buses take about 8-10 people and the drivers of these buses are usually idiots with no licenses or any regard for traffic laws.

    So I’m guess he was speeding as usual and caused the deaths of all these poor people. This happens literally 50 times a year in the summer.

  15. In BG horrible accidents occur when everyone walks away from an accident unhurt. This is a nice accident with a decent headcount and blood splattered everywhere. It would have been nice to see a boob in there somewhere but I can’t complain.

  16. Sad to hear and see these children crying holding onto all they have ever known, watching their loved ones dying. They will forever be scared emotionally from this. The parents that lost their children will never be the same either.

  17. Some of these commenters surely must not have children of their own with their cold, cruel comments. May they never have children. Sad to see children injured or dead. No one seems to comfort that poor child sitting next to her dead parent.. Cold, compassionless, like many posters here.

  18. Dear everyone,

    Please stop moving people who have been in traumatic accidents unless it is absolutely necessary. They don’t need to be “comfortable” or turned or have their heads picked up and placed in your lap. You’re not doing them any favors by exacerbating possible spinal injuries.

  19. Hahaha why thw fuck everyone crying? Over already dead children? Now who the fuck cares? they are dead LOL and it makes me laugh how fucking weak EVERYONE in this comment section is, just don’t give a fuck, you are in bestgore and no one cares about anything, even i can say that while watching this i laughed so fucking hard, imagine when i went down here to read your crybaby comments, FUCK!!! HAHAHAHA

  20. Hahaha why the fuck everyone crying? Over already dead children? Now who the fuck cares? they are dead LOL and it makes me laugh how fucking weak EVERYONE in this comment section is, just don’t give a fuck, you are in bestgore and no one cares about anything, even i can say that while watching this i laughed so fucking hard, imagine when i went down here to read your crybaby comments, FUCK!!! HAHAHAHA

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