Horrific Accident in Russia – Raw Video (14 Minutes)

Horrific Accident in Russia - Raw Video (14 Minutes)

Raw video from Russia. Looks like a high speed crash between a semi and a passenger vehicle. Driver of the passenger vehicle seems to be the dead, broken guy laid in the dirt. His passenger – a female is still inside the car, but in pain. Small crying boy was probably on the rear seat. The driver probably failed to wear a seatbelt which is why he ended up ejected and all beat up.

Where did the society go wrong that it’s considered widely offensive to publically broadcast videos like this. Raw footage of deadly accidents should be on all news channels in prime time so people realize how bad it can really get if they don’t get enough rest before driving or drive in excess of their capabilities.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Horrific Accident in Russia – Raw Video (14 Minutes)”

  1. Yep definately two different accidents but both with the same fucking sad result,..- Injury and death,.. What a fucking bad mess,.. Car and truck parts strewn everywhere !! Such a waste of life,…

  2. I agree they should show videos like this on the news because people talk about adrenaline junkies doin dangerous stuff but getting in a car and driving is a life and death decision because one wrong judgement and that could be it for you or need up like that women trapped in the car and missing a limb or two

    1. Limbs can end up looking that way or similar when the bones have broken into many pieces. That is probably what caused it. Think about it. Bones are the frame that our skin is on. When they are all smashed up, the skin will lay differently and look different.

  3. >so people realize how bad it can really get if they don’t get enough rest before driving or drive in excess of their capabilities.

    I agree mark if people saw this they’d be more careful when they drive but since they don’t show it in the news they don’t know how sad, horrible and dangerous a crash can be like

  4. Yeah there’s all these ‘sensitivity issues’ and how dare yo upset people. But in the meantime, people drive like they are in a safety bubble. I think everyone who drives should be required to view some images like this.

  5. Russia needs better driving schools.

    Seriously, new videos like this from Russia surface daily. They’re always getting into gnarly-as-hell wrecks.

    Don’t get me wrong, I find Russia to actually be a relatively beautiful nation, but that beauty is tarnished by the mounting pile of bodies that shoddy driving is accountable for. Not to say death isn’t beautiful, by any means. It just adds a “stink” to the whole situation.

  6. Since I’ve come to this website and viewed all the gory road accidents with the victims turned into ground beef, I’ve been trying to drive more safely. I agree that people, especially teenagers, should view these photos and videos. Americans love censorship. If you go on YouTube and search for “graphic road accidents,” they show no dead people. One long video labeled “graphic,” where the drivers were killed, somewhere in California I believe, only shows the wrecked vehicles, firemen, cops, gurneys and other equipment such as those metal cutters. They call that “graphic”?

  7. As a EMT I have seen accidents here in the US just as bad. People think that it can’t happen to them. Open up your eyes. I have seen worse. They use to show Red Asphalt in traffic school but it is so out dated. This is a very good example of what can happen to you.

  8. When my kids are of driving age they will see these. What started my obsession with death was actually watching a guy on a motorcycle hit the back of a simi on the free way. As we pulled ahead I watched his body get pulled under the back tires and ripped apart. I have never looked at any vehicle the same again.

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