Hot Girl Crossing the Road Gets Obliterated by Car, Clothes Ripped Off

Hot Girl Crossing the Road Gets Obliterated by Car, Clothes Ripped Off

This wasn’t a good day for that girl by any stretch of imagination. She should have stayed home and get bitchy with her sponsor. Instead she went out in the middle of night, attempted to cross the road and got hit by a car. The result is likely one of the most brutal road accidents ever. That girl got totally obliterated. Obviously, it wasn’t as much an impact of a car that obliterated her beyond words, it was the rail guards on the side of the road where she was thrown against that got her body and her clothes ripped to pieces. The outcome is rather sad – as if being completely obliterated was not enough, she’s left there hanging half naked, with her boobs exposed and pussy stretched like an eagle. That’s got to be one of the worst way for a hot chick to go.

Maybe she was too hot to cross the road. You know, the driver noticed hot piece crossing the road, his dick grew into unexpected size and pressed on gas pedal turning the vehicle into an out of control killing machine. Being too hot can kill and it won’t look pretty.

Gallery of most disturbing road accident pictures you have ever seen is below. Clothes ripped off, body parts ripped off, tand whatever is left is just hanging there out of shape. Nasty. Always make sure you’re safe to cross the road before you actually do.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Hot Girl Crossing the Road Gets Obliterated by Car, Clothes Ripped Off”

    1. Fuck what a waste of a hot sexy chick !!! Damn bloody shame especially since she has a fuckin awesome set of tits !!! And I can just about guarantee she would have a pussy to die for !!! Fuck 🙁

  1. The first thing I learned in elementary was look both ways. I do every time.

    Sux for her, but if she didn’t check to see if it was safe to cross, she kind of deserved it, didn’t she?

  2. Maybe she was in fact a prostitute. She may have thought that picking up a “client” would be easier on a busy highway because of higher traffic. Maybe she was also on meth or something, which is what many hookers do and that’s why they sell themselves out – to pay for their drug addiction. So combination of strolling a busy highway with lowered ability to assess the situation safely lead her to collision with a car. You know – she was frustrated for having had no luck getting picked up by a John, so she thought that if she’s more in the way to the cars, people will slow down and she’ll get a better chance to jump in a car and get an income happening. These are just speculation on what may have happened. I do not know what really lead to this disaster at all.

  3. Strangely erotic to me. I know it’s not posed and looks quite real, but it almost seems otherwise, because I’ve never seen a photo like this. I’ve seen worse photos, where the victim looks like hamburger, but never one that seemed so feminine and sexual.

    I agree with Tranny on it possibly being a prostitute and meth…etc.

  4. Who cares for what her condition or profession was, or what condition she was in? She died unexpectantly and violently… And those who gloat over her final repose, want to hope they have a quick end like she did!

  5. I agree with deeez, it is 3-D, anyone who argues that its real, take a good, and I mean a REALLY good look at the railings, then you’ll believe us, besides, with rips like that there should have been more blood, and how come the car has no blood eh?

    1. lol!! The blood happened around the time of the impact with the rail. She got hit pretty hard and at those speeds blood has little time to pump out before the body is fully away from the object that struck it. Besides, all the major blood worthy damage was caused by the rail impact.

      Also, it is not 3D. considering how old this post is, texturing and lighting just wasn’t that defined then. I build maps and make custom models and textures and can say that there was no repetition in “textures” or no tiling. And the blood on the rail was too multi-toned to be a decal or part of the main texture. Also, the road was just too good and the glisten on the outer thigh was too defined and followed natural contours.

      And the images seem to originated from files with a wider aspect ratio, then converted to 1:1. Thats why it kinda looks cartoony.

      This is old as shit. Doubt it’ll ever get read.

  6. fyi .. I’ve witnessed the mutilation of plenty of animals in my working history (lotsa livestock)
    and to be honest, when you rip the head off a chick or leg falls off from deformity(even in cows or pigs) you DONT get the gushing squirting blood youd expect, have to hit that ‘sweet spot’ if you want that.. I mean think of all the gun shot suicides/murders we’ve seen hhere… only gush if that spots penetrated.

    but, really dont care to much for your opinion ‘Grimvisage’ quit whinning and thank the guy for the upload, LOL as we can clearly see this shot entertains you ALOT

  7. Wonder if that is the girl that got hit on I-90/RT-2 not long ago (4 to 8 months), here in Ohio? Got out of one car in the middle of the night and tried to run across a 4-lane.

  8. What I don’t get is why both arms and both legs are torn off? – Sure if she had been hit by a train or a semi, but this is just an ordinary car with very little damage.

    No evidence of other clothing around… I think the prostitute theory has some validity.

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