How to Help a Hesitant Driver Finally Take the Turn Like a Russian

How to Help a Hesitant Driver Finally Take the Turn Like a Russian

Meanwhile in Russia…

I got to say it’s truly irritating when you get stuck behind a driver who seem like they’re never gonna take that turn. In Russia, they have a sensitive way to help hesitant drivers finally do it.

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  1. This is exactly how I feel while waiting to cross the street for the cars to pass with my longboard. Part of me wants to run out and just kick a passing vehicle though I know I’d just end up on BG with my body mangled and ass hanging out. It’s nice to keep your emotions in check.

  2. Not proud of this but I was in the Krystal drive thru behind this chick that took forever to get her order. People started honking. She finally gets her order and proceeds to be a bitch and go through her entire huge bag of food. I had it. My ginger roots exploded and I pushed her car forward with my car.

    Amazing thing, she pulled over to wait for me but never did anything. I was shocked the cops didn’t come knocking.

    I have to watch my anger lol.

    1. I had to take anger management and pay $150 a week last year for 8 months for something similar. A few of my friends and I were coming back from a long trip and someone kept riding our tail for a few miles. He could’ve EASILY gone around. I finally pulled over to the side and stopped and he went on, speeding away. A little bit later I saw him at a gas station and I ended up slashing his tires and cussing him out. Yeah… not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

  3. Let me guess, the driver was a female?? Lol I kno I’m a woman, but hot damn women suck at driving. I can honestly say that my close calls while driving have been due to a females not paying attention or not knowing the rules of the rd. Makes me wonder how the fuck they got a license in the first place. Oh, and there should be a cut off age where you get your license taken away, because old people suck at driving too.

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