Human Squashed Like Bug on Road

Human Squashed Like Bug on Road

If a giant in boots squashed a human the way humans in boots squash a fat bug on a road, this is what I imagine it’d look like.

The video I believe is from Indonesia. It shows the remains of a mangled man being scooped onto a tarp. It looks like he was run over by something heavy that crushed his midsection. The head is reasonably intact, and so is lower body. But the entire midsection is just one big bloody mess.

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      1. Oversized bugs for the highly conscious beings at least. 😐 We still use this very primitive forms of communication like writing and speaking, they only need to think and the other will recieve. We still eat other animals for pleasure, they dont even need to eat to live. We still need transports to travel from place to place, they dont even need to walk, they can materialize anywhere, as they can materialize everything they need and want. 🙂

    1. Unless he was just a pedestrian, but I love it how you can hear somebody at the :12 and :26 part of the video making that “nzt nzt nzt nzt nzt nzt” sound, I don’t know how yo spell that. I can’t stand when they do that at the black jack tables when the dealer gets a black jack. Its the dealer that always does it too.

          1. @Little Foot, At our local primary school they have a permanent Twister game, it’s sprayed onto grass at the edge of the oval using coloured paint. People could get up to all sorts of stuff on the weekends, 😆

          1. Well, @mikeygraves, that makes two of us then LOL jk. I fucking graduated from a Christian university. I wish I could have done more fun.

            I should probably decide soon on buying a twister game.

      1. @obliterator, I have no idea why that comment cracked me up so much…but I had a visual of you, nekkid, left hand blue, right foot green…etc…and simultaneously screaming “my back!!!my fucking back!!!!!aaahhhh!!”
        Seriously though, hoping your feeling better..I broke my baby toe and the bone it attaches to in my foot a few weeks ago…I’m miserable and bored out of my mind, but laughing now..ty

  1. -“what’s going on here?”
    -“well Padongadong over here took a sharp turn a little too sharp and our “Indobodibagugo” Halloween prop got out from the back door along with my gallon of raspberry kool-aid”.
    -“you don’t say…”

  2. What’s cooking Indonesia ?…………………slurrrrrp, guess Its a whole new brand of a newly launched “summer squash” right there on the road for takes.
    And its a freebie for a start ………..

    1. Ah, I personally prefer my cannelloni topped with some alfredo. In this particular case, however, the only alfredo his cannelloni will get is the rude back jizzing that death spunks all over after doing him up the ass…

    1. Don’t rag on the first responders because they obviously weren’t limp in their attempts to help. Smearing their efforts like a bug under a windshield is a gutsy move. Besides, the guy on the road could be one of those types that you can only stand in small doses and if you disagree, you barely know the half

  3. They just chilling while watching.
    Never mind war and shit in ex Yugoslavia but, most of people here would be in shock and many woman would faint down by this scene but this mofo’s doesn’t give fuck at all.
    It’s a just regular, usual day.

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