Idiot on Motorcycle Violently Convulses on Public Road After Stunt Gone Bad

Idiot on Motorcycle Violently Convulses on Public Road After Stunt Gone Bad

CCTV footage from Russia shows an idiot on a motorcycle doing stunts while riding down public road. First camera angle shows the stuntman standing up on the motorcycle seat and raising his arms. The second camera angle shows him after losing balance and falling off the motorcycle.

Given the speed he had, there was no much the biker could do about getting back on the bike once he slid off. The obvious outcome was the biker slamming his head (no helmet) against the pavement and the motorcycle going its own way, slamming into the rear bumper of a car that paused after the driver noticed the reckless motorcyclist.

After the head slam, the motorcyclist started to convulse violently on the road. Many drivers stopped to help him, even though he deserved every bit of what he got. I don’t understand the purpose of showing off before people who don’t pay you for entertainment and whom you don’t even know and likely won’t see again in your life.

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        1. @Xizang : who ever gets that penis in the next life is still gonna beat him every day until he vomits. I don’t like his chances of getting a good life. His Neighbour is still gunna be an asshole, he is still wanna go dark and wet cave dancing and his two mates are always gunna be hanging around giving him no privacy.

  1. “I don?t understand the purpose of showing off before people who don?t pay you for entertainment and whom you don?t even know and likely won?t see again in your life.”

    Well i do, WE are the purpose! Even though he wont be seeing those people, we will be seeing him over… and over… and over… and over again… and laugh… and laugh… 😆

    That moron did deserved every little bit of his misfortune. Its natural selection at its best!

    1. agreed.

      then the life of this idiot is probably saved by the very people who’s lives he endangered.

      i would like to say i would have drove past and said “fuck to him” ……. but i probably would have stopped to help, human nature after all?

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  2. This is the shit that happens where I’m from idiots don’t wear a helmet let alone any protection and then do wheelies and stupid shit that almost causes crashes.

    You want to do that at a dirt track or somewhere off the public road? Then fine but I’m sick of retards like that on the road.

  3. Such stupid actions with horrific consequences. On a lighter note, did anyone see the guy in the blue car on the right side of the screen that had to jump back in his car because he forgot to put it in park. Just sayin’.

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