Idiot Overtaking at Blind Curve with Solid Line Causes Accident and Death of Innocent Driver

Idiot Overtaking at Blind Curve with Solid Line Causes Accident and Death of Innocent Driver

An idiot trying to pass a truck at a blind curve with a solid line caused the truck to bounce off the roadside barrier and into the oncoming lane, where it crashed with red Kia. Witnesses rushed to the red car, but their sense of urgency quickly disappeared once they saw what happened to the people inside.

One source told me that the driver of Kia died, but provided no word on passengers. Another source told me that there were passengers in the car and that they all died too.

And of course the person that caused the deaths walks out of his SUV alive and barely harmed. I would come back to haunt that motherfucker for the rest of his days if I were in that KIA.

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        1. Three seconds doesn’t even seem like that long, does it?
          Y’know, you count three seconds now and it seems a remarkably short time to register a situation, mentally calculate a solution then stamp on the brake.
          Still, damn shame that a good driver had to cop it so this idiot could get to where they’re going faster. At least it looked quick, no one’s taking a 10 ton vehicle on the broadside and having time to think about what just happened.

    1. My guess is there was an uphill passing lane on the incline on the other side of this hill. The SUV (looks like an Infinity?) was passing the truck and ran out of room at the crest of the hill, where the passing lane ended. My guess is the Infinity driver decided to complete his pass anyways, over the crest of the hill, and discovered he wasn’t going to clear the oncoming traffic in time. The result is the accident seen here.

      Of course, he wasn’t particularly worried. He was in a well-built SUV built like a tank.

      Anyone ever notice that the windshield wipers always seem to magically engage by themselves in accidents such as these?

  1. What a piece of shit! Seeing videos like this makes me scared to drive. One minute you’re driving along on and everything is fine, the next you’re dead because of an asshole who doesn’t want to follow the rules.

      1. That’s a good idea @bobcat. When I was in driver’s ed we had to look at pictures of car wrecks and the victims of the crash. Definitely makes you realize that a car isn’t a toy and laws are there for a reason.

        I think at the very least driver’s ed should be required before you can get your permit but where I’m from it’s optional.

          1. I’m from Missouri. Lol ya it’s pretty ridiculous. Unless they changed the law in the last 10 years, but when I was 15 learning to drive it was an optional program because I knew a lot of people who didn’t do it. You learn a lot of things though that your parents don’t think to tell you.

          2. @fwtbt- I don’t know if my first comment will show up later or not so I’ll just say it again…the train always wins!!

            @gentle- I think that it should be mandatory for anyone who wants to get their license to watch that film. It was a good video.

          1. Oh now my first comment wants to show up? Well I replied to you twice @fwtbt 😀

            …and apparently I replied in the wrong spot the second time….I need to go to bed.

    1. I’m sure the truck drive is devastated that his truck smashed and killed those in the car. It’s not his fault the ass in the suv caused the whole accident but still if it were me I’d feel terrible that my airborne vehicle killed people even if I had no control over it.

  2. Damn shame. There doesn’t look like any reason the SUV should’ve swerved like that. My guess is some asshole was jibber jabbing or texting and not paying attention to the road. On top of that, the truck behind looks like he was tailgating…he never had a chance to stop. The poor occupants of the Kia took it the way that scares me the most…sudden death….reminds me that you could be having a great, uneventful day then something like that happens, and a second later you’re gone. Creeps me out to think about it

      1. Same here, but my eyes are always moving looking for shit to go down. LA’s got some of the worst airhead driver anywhere. Especially downtown, where I live. A couple of Weeks ago I was standing at the intersection @ at Wishire and flower wating to cross. The opposing street signal turned yellow and here here comes Mr. buttfuck in his Silver Mercedes G-Ride racing to make a right turn whereI was waiting to cross. Anyway light turns red and I now have the right of way. I was a few feet into the road when jerkfuck turns wide about foot or two. I’ve never done this before but I got a solid kick with my dm’s steeltoe right smack on the passenger side, leaving a nice dent. So dickwad pulls over, gets out like he was gonna kick my ass. So he’s all WTF to which I told him fuck you and fuck your fatass mom. Other people who were crossing too stuck with me and gave him some more shit. Fucking Jawa knew he would of lost a fight badly, jumped in his dented G Ride and tore off. Like I said, always have you’re eyes open

  3. This has been around a while, brutal crash! Shows perfectly how a split second error can cause tragedy, I’ve watched endless Russian dashcam vids ( they’re the best) after a while you try and predict the smash, but some are impossible, some make you jump! And they should all make you think. Slow down, chill out, stay alive.

        1. Believe it or not, my Mum used to work with Dave Prowse, AKA Green Cross Man, AKA Darth vader.

          It was in a wholesale ironmongers in Bristol, UK in the 50s. She said he would eat his 5 rounds of sandwiches in the morning and then go for fish and chips for lunch. He also used to be a bouncer in a Bristol club.

      1. Im just thinking, and wondering if i should give his sunglasses back or put eyeballs on it instead… 😆 Getting eyeballs from someone is illegal and buying them in the black market is expensive… so he earned his glasses back. 😆

  4. This fucking shit infuriates me… the SUV and the tractor trailer were at fault.
    Of course the SUV shouldn’t have passed on a solid line… but that fucking idiot in that 20 ton(?) tractor trailer shouldn’t have been tailgating… I see this shit all the time!
    :-! :-! :-!

    1. Doesn’t seem like tailgating if the passing SUV cut in front of the truck on a downhill grade… given space, the truck driver would have probably braked and backed off, but the SUV bounced off the rail before he could do anything.

      At least that’s the way I see it.

      1. Well either way… it’s pretty difficult to stop 40,000 pounds rolling downhill and if the truck driver knows this (don’t know why he wouldn’t) and still decides to drive like a bat out of hell… well… he’s not exactly innocent.
        Anyway… I might have jumped to conclusions about the truck driver in this instance… BTW I’m a former truck driver myself… but regardless of that I see this ignorance way to often.
        Just saying.

        1. Yeah, the video doesn’t tell us everything we need to know. The trucker may have even been flooring it after the SUV cut in front of him.

          My younger brother used to be a trucker also, told me of many instances of stupidity, both from other truckers, and regular motorists. Sometimes he’d call me (hands free) when he was bored on the open highways at night, and suddenly he’d yell out and lay on the horns. They get your attention even over a cell phone connection!

  5. People who do stupid shit on the road which causes injury or death to others should get the same penalties that drunk drivers do. Some of us are just as dangerous sober as others are drunk or stoned.

    1. I can’t speak for everyone but personally I drive better when im baked it causes me to be extra careful before making any maneuver. However, after a few drinks I know I am not in control of myself and dont even bother trying to handle a vehicle, does anyone else feel the same about driving stoned?

  6. People forget that most vehicles besides SUVs, trucks, jeeps and well of course big trucks are unibody built. That red Kia didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell in an accident like that especially being built the way they are they might as will be driving an egg down the road. Just comes to show you get what you pay for and well they pay for it with their lives and it wasn’t even there fault.

  7. I don’t want to ride in a car anymore or any public utility vehicles . . Ill try learning how to ride in a horse or a donkey just like the old days.. much safer! ..
    I vote for mob lynching for the driver of the SUV!.. 😀

  8. After watching 2/3 of the posts here I finally decided to join. BG, as it may be opposed by and deamed as obscene, immoral, or whatever negatives can be said by an ideology. BG HAS changed me, not in a negative way. It gave me a new way to look at the world, a true way to look. Albeit a dark, disgusting, God damn forsaken pile of shit as it may be, at times… I’ve done a lot of dumb bull shit these past six months, I should be dead. Driving like a fool as fast as my car could go, down some damn country road, to make myself feel my heartbeat again? Not regretted, but foolish. Any event what I really want to say is, without all your nasty death, suicide, beheading, infected genitalia, war video, da silva and flip flop reality. I’d be another piece of meat for this world to gauke at, thank you, BG.
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    1. Welcome in Stroginuff! This place is fun. Just don’t let the entities of the death on here get to your brain at night, they don’t like it when you make fun of their dead bodies! Haha have a good one dude! And be careful driving fast,, you can hurt or kill an innocent person.

  9. Well you can be the best driver in the world but only have it end on account of other drivers bad decisions. Death on the road! It’s a risk we all take if we want to get around on 4 wheels rather then hoofing it…and that too has it dangers! All we can do it keep our eyes peeled and wish for a quick death if anything…unless you get off on pain and like that shit.

  10. Damn no matter what, the people in the Kia were fucked. Watched the crash part like 10 times trying to see if there was any possible way the Kia could’ve avoided, but no, there isn’t anything I could think of. People are fucking idiots and do not comprehend the implications of their poor choices on others or themselves. And it did seem like the fucker was either trying to leave or didn’t have his SUV in park yet. The windshield wipers went off likely cause the driver was stunned (by his own stupid actions) and in the midst of chaos and adrenaline rushing, the human iQ actually drops so he was probably pressing all kinds of buttons and on the gas. So sad, but again, videos like these keep our eyes peeled on the roads.

  11. It was the lorry to blame,he was driving too close and too fast to the suv,and as a professional driver myself,you always drive defensive,keep your speed down,and look out for everybody elses mistakes.these people drive agressive,go too fast and everybody else is to look out for them,if these people dont stick to that dictum the grim reaper gonna get them

    1. I disagree.

      It appears that the SUV was passing, then swerved in front of the trucker to avoid oncoming traffic. The SUV lost control and hit the guard rail and bounced in front of the truck.

      If someone cuts in front of you, there is no way to instantly achieve “safe following distance” especially in any kind of a big rig.

      It doesn’t mean that the trucker didn’t floor it to intimidate the SUV driver, or engage in some other jackass behavior prior, but we can’t tell that from the video.

      The SUV driver should probably not have been passing in the curve, but we also can’t see the markings on the road further up the hill to know if it was legal.

      Just my 2 U.S. cents’ worth.

  12. I was caught speeding last year instead of getting points on my license I had to do a drivers awareness course ,I am driving 20 years and thought I new it all but the courses do educate you .they should make everyone do it every couple of years.

  13. i nearly almost had this happen to me 1 week ago today. a truck lost control and came 3 lanes over straight for me. i managed to escape the brutal hit and the truck hit the guardrail. brings back the shock of reality. i stay a good distance and dont go too fast. scary

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