Ignorant Woman Hit and Killed by Train in San Jose, Costa Rica

Ignorant Woman Hit and Killed by Train in San Jose, Costa Rica

A woman who was hit by a train on May 2, 2017 in the neighborhood of La California in San José, Costa Rica, died in Calderón Guardia Hospital almost three hours after the accident.

This was confirmed at 11am by the medical center, who detailed that the victim was in critical condition when received.

The now deceased was identified as 35 year old Modesta del Socorro Muñoz García, of Nicaragua. The accident left Muñoz with her right arm and both legs amputated.

The train involved in the incident was leaving the Atlantic station, and was providing service between San Jose and Carthage.

According to Nacion.com, so far in 2017, five people were injured and four died in train-related accidents in Costa Rica.

Props to Best Gore member @ladohierro for the pics and videos:

CCTV footage of the accident:

Different angle CCTV video:

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49 thoughts on “Ignorant Woman Hit and Killed by Train in San Jose, Costa Rica”

      1. I felt kinda sorry for this chick, from the first vid, she has a nice walk ,and looks educated/intelligent, etc. Therefore her life is more important than other womens’.
        Only joking.

        Shit, as she was strutting her feminist stuff (she possible does have that air of female priviledge and carefreeness that comes from knowing you can have any man you want), little did she know her life was ending in a couple of hours.

        Never walk along train tracks.

  1. Why bother blowing the horn when you’ll not be charged..Train was so slow driver dindu shit and when will people stop walking on train tracks. My parents taught me to look both sides even when crossing a one way in India <3

  2. Poor dear lady. I like her stride and style. The train driver should be lynched for not doing an emergency stop which I think was possible considering the slow speed of the train. It’s high time people start killing train drivers who kill innocent people with their trains.

    1. After the train hitting her I’m sure the impact took her body meters away far from the road and she was already almost out of the road… so if I see how it’s in my country right after the road ends railways are only on rocks like this….

  3. you wont see many videos of people killed by trains in Brazil. Brazilian cities simply dont have trains in central areas. Trains run in the outskirts of the cities, and the tracks are isolated from the passers by.
    Most of the train accidents i see here are from India. I guess they must have a lot of trains in central urban areas.

  4. Not quite worthy of a Darwin award, but it does show the stupidity of not being aware of your surroundings.

    On a side note; I’ve noticed an increasing tendency for people to wander onto, and across, roads expecting that the traffic is going to stop for them.

    I might have pretty acute reflexes and very good disc brakes, but these idiots might like to think of Mark 5:9 ‘My name is Legion, for we are many’.

  5. Who the hell walks along the track and doesn’t notice a train coming. It’s funny that there is a neighborhood called California in the city of San Jose, because I live in San Jose, California in the United States.

    1. Ignorance aside; my mind is threshing through recollections of videos and …….., I have it:

      Train tracks and trains feature, probably, ~ 70% male ~30% female.

      Cars, and accidents, involving children feature, probably ~90% female drivers.

      Feel free to hunt through the archive and correct me.

      1. Yes but this web site (which i love) doesn’t show every accident in the world.Mark hates women so of course it will look bad for women….I appreciate his right to put what he feels but c’mon and throw me a bone

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