Ignored Stop Sign Results in Fatal Car Crash

Ignored Stop Sign Results in Fatal Car Crash

Violent car crash at an intersection was caught on dashcam somewhere in Russia. The original poster didn’t say much about the video, other that it was a fatal crash and from the look of it – I’m not surprised.

As the dashcam car approaches the intersection, you can see there is a stop sign for that direction of traffic. It is difficult to see whether there is one on the opposite side of the intersection, but it would make little sense placing the stop sign on one side but not on the other. The only question left is whether it was a four way stop, or just a two way. Either way, the oncoming car did not as much as yield, let alone stop, but the crossing car may have failed to do the same and was also speeding to boot.

BTW – that’s how Asian immigrants to Canada stop at the stop signs and that’s why traffic accidents are on a rise and with them – so is the fucking car insurance, like it wasn’t already ridiculously high to begin with.

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30 thoughts on “Ignored Stop Sign Results in Fatal Car Crash”

    1. Driving does suck… It looks like someone flew out that windshield I might be wrong though. As for those self driving cars, where have you been they made those years ago. Them reptiles got all kinds of crazy hardware.

  1. holy shit. i remember when i first found this site that i went through the whole traffic accident section first, dude, i was afraid to drive for like two days afterwards! all in all though, i think it made me a safer/smarter driver, however i still can’t control the other crazy asshole drivers out there!

    1. I’ve always visualized my car with a giant fly-swatter on top of it, so when a fucking retard pulls some stupid move in front of me I just push a button and the fly-swatter comes down on top of the car and squash’s it like a fly and then in one motion scrapes it off to the side of the road, out of my way, so I can just continue on my way!!!

  2. I swear every Mexican under 4ft tall has a huge truck in my town, them bitches never stop for anything, signs, school zones, kids, I am surprised no one on my block (99% mex block) has hit one of the million kids under 5yrs that ride their bikes unsupervised Down the street, fuckin Beaners… Oh and Russians too I guess so i stay on topic….

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