Illegal Street Drag Racing Ends with Person Struck and Killed by Speeding Mustang

Illegal Street Drag Racing Ends with Person Struck and Killed by Speeding Mustang

An illegal street drag race, setup by a local politician in Chiapas, Mexico, enden up with one person struck and killed by a speeding red Mustang.

Nothing like drag racing on a public road with random people going about their business. Puta madre!

Props to Best Gore member @Arconte13 for the video:

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  1. I love cars and racing, but this cunt should be dragged from his car and dealt with. They should have found an empty road with no-one around and raced there, and if they kill themselves doing it, it’s on them. They’ve no right to put others in danger because of their selfishness. Perhaps if they were bestgore fans, they’d be familiar with road-based death carnage, and how quickly it happen.

      1. If they went to watch a race as you said, why would they stand in the middle of the street that the cars are racing on? And who do you reckon the cops will hold responsible, the driver or the dead guy? I maintain it was a stupid place to race, there’s a footpath and buildings on one side. If the driver lost it he could have smashed into a building and done even more damage, or killed more people.

        1. Yes i see stupid rednecks jump on the tracks at nascar all the time. Event coordinators should have had some saftey precautions. The driver gave up the win and swerved pedestrian kept walking. How do you miss the sound of 560 horses stampedeing at your face. Murpheyand darwin tag team ass raped this guy not the mustang.

  2. Puta madre, co?o! 😆 They both had the fault, but the damn retard that was roaming like a damn goat should have known that he was in the middle of a damn drag race… instead of playing frogger in the track he should have spared himself the trouble and stayed on the sidewalk.

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  3. Why didn’t they warn people close by? I assumed they all knew a race was about to happen with people filming etc. And how did the guy crossing not hear the cars at full speed coming his way? Guess he didn’t look both ways when crossing the road. I wonder if the Red Mustang got a prize? 😉

  4. Those pendejos get run over by automobiles all the fucking time. Southern California has one of the highest pedestrian death rates in the U.S. It wasn’t the driver’s fault. These lardasses think they’re sacred cows strolling in the middle of the streets.

  5. Exactly. How the fuck can a person not hear the cars coming? I have no sympathy for the dead guy. I do however have sympathy for the driver since he has to live with the fact he has killed someone?and pay to get his car fixed.

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  7. Clearly the pedestrian’s fault. It looks like he came for a stroll in a park and doesnt care to move fast despite seeing a speeding car heading his way. A red colour mustand can be seen and heard from like miles away!!
    Was served rite!!
    Fools likes dese outght to die dis way!!

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