Impatient Thais Ride Through Intersection, Get in the Path of Truck

Impatient Thais Ride Through Intersection, Get in the Path of Truck

Skip to 1:10 for action.

Dashcam videos from Thailand is still a rarity, so here’s one to counter the stereotype. A dashcam vehicle stopped at what looks like uncontrolled intersection. Because Thais drive on the left, vehicles turning right had a bit of a hard time making the turn safely.

But that didn’t bother a pair on a motorcycle who thought they could force their way through like they’re invincible. With that attitude, they didn’t get very far. The kiss on the cheek from the truck whose path their invaded taught them a lesson about traffic safety they may never put to further use.

195 thoughts on “Impatient Thais Ride Through Intersection, Get in the Path of Truck”

      1. Why lol @GstarRaw ?

        I really do feel sorry for the passenger! The passenger is looking down the road in the opposite direction, until just
        a moment before impact. Cant imagine what went through his mind as he turned his head to the right and watched in horror at the last second of his life……

        ‘Hope you had the time of your life’

  1. it looks like the bike took the brunt of the blast. they could have possibly survived with half their body been torn up from getting pushed by the truck for the few seconds after collision… still alot of force being transferd into those poor souls but possibly survivable

          1. @issues. You should always be yourself.If somepeople dondon’t like it. Then fuck em. Who cares what people think that’s how Isee it. Unless your iin front of a judge getting sentenced lol.

          2. Damn straight @nybadguy! Sometimes it’s easier to just try to fit in but I learned the hard way that doing so is very hard to keep up with long term and will end up crashing down around you eventually.

          3. @issues. With your personality its to understand why anyone wouldburn you or make you feel like you ddon’t belong. Like I said beforeany guy or person you let in your lifeshould feel lucky.

        1. Aww that’s so sweet @nybadguy.
          Seems like all the regulars on BG are pretty badass. I love to laugh so I’m having a good time and at the same time I’m being informed of world news.
          That makes it a wicked cool place to be if ya ask me.

          1. It shows me that shit could be way worse in my life. Thankfully I’ve never had anything happen to me that could end up here! Is it weird that other people’s misfortune makes me feel better?

  2. Just me or does he look right at least a couple of times ( it’s blurry)?
    Hence, this truck literally appeared out of thin air.
    Later investigation revealed It has a FLUX CAPACITOR and was doing 88 mph.

  3. Man I need a dashcam-
    Maybe one dude was like “you check the left I check the right”
    They misunderstood and both look to the left and didn’t notice they were looking the Same fucking way… “All good bro?”
    -“go your clear on this side”
    – “awesome weeee, wait wihich side you…….”

        1. Even then you’re still vulnerable to other vehicles. Riding pillion, you don’t get the full picture like the rider, so, less time to react…happened to a close friend of mine, got side swiped by an old lady. Unfortunately,he never regained consciousness.

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  6. How you can not see a truck like that coming I’ll never know.
    And if this was his attempt to somehow get to the other side before the truck if he had already noticed it, which would’ve been seriously hard not to, it was just abysmal.


      1. ***Is the driver wearing a helmet? I can?t tell. If so, I find the full face style to be difficult to see peripherally. Maybe that?s why he didn?t see it coming.

        …I couldn’t agree with you more IGI

        Why the hell any truck driver would wear a full face helmet, is way beyond my realm of comprehension…

        I imagine he’ll have to attend many “scooter shock” support groups from now on…

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        1. Yup that’s me 🙂
          I love to laugh. There is so much horrible shit going on in the world, going on around me. If I didn’t laugh and try to find humor in life I wouldn’t be here right now.

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