In Italy, Drunk Driver Kills Young Girl, Gets Away With It Because He’s Cop

In Italy, Drunk Driver Kills Young Girl, Gets Away With It Because He's Cop

Best Gore member @gianlufone brought to our attention the all familiar case of a policeman killing a citizen and getting away with it because they are a cop, but this time from Italy. Whereas @gianlufone is himself an Italian living in Sicily, he provided us with insight both on the case surrounding these pictures, and also how it is with police in Italy:

I’m a 26 year old male from Sicily in Italy. I’m writing to you to bring to your attention a case of incredible injustice that happened in the city of Messina in Sicily. We have a dead girl, two crashed cars, and a drunk driver who is a cop.

Lorena Mangano, 23 years old girl student, on the night of June 25, 2016, traveled with 4 friends in her Fiat Panda (she was at the wheel).

Her car was violently hit by Audi TT driven by 32 years old Gaetano Forestieri, Guardia di Finanza member (an Italian police agency). He tested positive to alcohol test.

4 of the 5 Panda passengers escaped with minor injuries. Lorena died after 3 days in hospital.

In Italy, new law was created in 2015, which makes vehicular manslaughter equal to any unintentional murder. Before that law, if you killed someone because you were driving drunk, you got away with just your driver’s license taken.

But Forestieri, inexplicably, will not be prosecuted for killing the girl.

Italy is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. If you are a cop, you’re not held to account for killing an innocent. I really hope you publish my story. Thanks for your time. Greetings from Sicily.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, and bringing us up to speed on the state of police corruption in Italy. We think all police corruption needs to be exposed for what it is, and appreciate our members sharing their experiences with us.

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86 thoughts on “In Italy, Drunk Driver Kills Young Girl, Gets Away With It Because He’s Cop”

      1. if she had of been wearing her seat belt she would be still alive see were her body ended up if she had her seat belt on it would have held her up in the seat instead of stuffing her under the dash the way she is in the pic as sad as it is all countries have ware your seat belt adds seat belts are in cars for a reason

        1. Lol, true this. She WAS hot, but unfortunately, now very Cold. 🙁 Prick Pig, should be hunted down, and executed. Hopefully, her Family had Mafia Ties, and will take care of business with their type of Justice. 🙂

  1. Blue wall of silence is so disgusting in this case. I hope that cops dick rots off. These piggy cops protect each other and let the people like us die . Most police officers are good people but the few scumbags ruin their image.

    1. I read the Italian news online, the cop and this accident it’s been investigated, it’s not over yet, he will face justice. Its just surprising me that since he was drunk he had not been arrested…it’s mind blowing to me

      1. I hope you are right @Alexander, i really do.

        But to be honest, I seriously doubt he will face real justice
        More likely he will just be simply walked through the process by his corrupt lawyer, portrayed as a saint by corrupt cop buddies, and at worst receive a stern finger waving from a corrupt judge.
        A pathetic “seen to be done” type parody of justice concocted by this vile bunch of chumy chum-chums, to fool the family and public and then close the book.

        Its a fucking shame, but all too common a scenario in this “free and fair” world we live in

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      …and now he’s got angels acting like morticians. I want to be an angel. It sounds like a fun life.

      I’m going to go and pray on that.

  2. “We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow.” by Ted Bundy. Not inaccurate considering the most obvious killer here are the poleece, to protect and serve the ESTABLISHMENT not the people, and there will be more victims because of it. Fuck, Bundy was right.

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          4. Hey Alexander, my fellow Italian. Comme sta? Not to be rude or anything, however, I would much rather have a big American land yacht than a newer or older fiat for that matter. Great little Italian cars are great little gas savers, but I’ll sooner drive cars like my old 73 New Yorker from a safety standpoint. And if you ever drove one of these land yachts on the highway, I swear you would completely forget about small cars. Please do not be offended. Non te la prendere a malamento per favoro. P.S. How was my spelling in Italian? Haven’t written or typed Italian in years.

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      1. The mafia DO actually exist.
        But if you spit a tiny bit of blood in their face, and tell them “you dont know where i bin”, then they will swear on their “fucking mother” to give you whatever you want…. its as easy as that

        Just ask (Fucken) Lou?

  3. As an Italian I am ashamed even tho I have been living in USA for many years, Italy might be corrupted but we aren’t talking at the same level of Brazil or central/south American countries, usually even if you are a cop you go on front of a court if you commit a crime, but this happened in Sicily, which is a region and and island where everything is ruled by mafia and powerful mafia families. I wouldn’t be surprised if this asshole is connected or related to some mafia’s family members. Its very sad this happened to her, she was young and very beautiful and had a life on front of her, if I was his father, brother, I would serch revenge by bringing my own justice…fuck Guardia di finanza, carabinieri, polizia di stato…RIP bella ragazza…

  4. He can roam free while he can ; but I wonder for how long , cause sooner or later If its not the law that’s gonna catch up on the drunk cop;
    then its gonna be the , “KARMA ” that will have the COP begging for his life or getting killed some where like some stray Dog at a forsaken street corner .

    There is always a natural justice that awaits those who think they are above “Law and Justice”
    This Bozo the drunk Clown is gonna go nowhere .
    His life is on KARMA’S RADAR

    1. Well…if he was a real man he would take his responsibility and say he was wrong and serve time, in italy he would serve a few yrs , do community service and Italian prisons are not brazilian, would be easy life and somehow he would pay some price for what he did, if he was a Man of course…

  5. I was reading this news on Italian online newspaper, it looks also this fucking asshole was racing with another car before hitting this poor girl….what a huge fucking asshole, and he is a military man??..her parents have donated her organs to whom might in need…somehow it’s like she lives again..

  6. She was very beautiful. What a shame. I do believe in Karma and I hope that piece of shit cop gets what he deserves. I know about Karma first hand. The piece of shit that killed my daughter in a DWI 18 years ago died last year. I had to wait a long time for my revenge but I finally got it.

  7. Want to be a murderer without punishment & get paid for it?

    Be a cop!

    Let me be a cop, at least my kills would benefit the world.
    I’d be perfect for the job, also as judge, jury & executioner. That is what I was born to do. But there are too many pussy laws for the guilty to be protected by the guilty.

  8. Such a pretty girl,Lost her life because of some dick head cop thinks it is ok for him to drink,get tore up & then drive. I have cops that are friends but i do not care for police that think they have privileges that we do not because they have a badge. Prayers to her family.

  9. We must have a Remembrance Day for all the Victims of Police. A day for all who have suffered at the hands of the Police. We the People must get together and unite as we remember. Those who were shot and killed in cold blood by the Police. Pets that were shot and killed in cold blood by the Police. For all those who died in custody, assaulted, neglect, suicide as a result of the Police. For all those who were raped, sexuly assaulted, sexexuly harassed and abused by the Police,. For those who never got justice because of the Police. For those whose lives were destroyed because of the Police, Will not be forgotten. All are welcome to be a part of this huge event to be held at your Capital Cities around the World on November 5th to coincide with the Million Masks March. For all Victims of the Police living and deceased…We remember. ***** The World is full of crooked cops and nothing as far as a Remembrance day for all the Victims around the World that the Police have destroyed or murdered in cold blood includes people’s Pets. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * November 5th to coincide with the Million Mask March in your Capital City and a minute silence at 11am to Remember all ( VOP ) Victims of the Police. Please show your support and make this a World Wide event. * * * * * * * The Police have their own remembrance day, and I guarantee you that they don’t remember the innocent people who’s that they destroyed.

    1. If we killed every pig in the world, then there wouldn’t be anymore victims of police. This includes military personnel too, then the governments will cease to have the power to lie, cheat, abuse and control us.
      It’s a very small price to pay for our total freedom.
      Then vigilante and street justice rules, instead of corrupt government officials. Then we the people, can take out the trash of the world and make a real difference. With much better results.

  10. The picture of the “dead” / dying girl inside the car…. is in the wrong car!? The victim was driving a Fiat panda, yet she is clearly inside an Audi TT in that picture. Had the killer cop moved her for some reason?

          1. The pictures are labelled fine. I was asking a question really, as the article states the girl who died was the driver of the Fiat Panda. Yet there is a picture labelled “Girl dies doing double pointers” and it’s the interior of the Audi. How did she get there if she was the Panda driver?

  11. I know I’m probably going to get scrutinized over what I am going to say, however, I believe people need to go back to driving cars that were built to withstand bad impacts. I don’t know, maybe I’m just obsessed too much with big “c” body cars too much? But then again, that might not be a very good idea in today’s day in age. What with the way people fly up and down highways, city streets or back roads. That would be a bad thing. Considering those cars weighed 4000lbs or more.

    1. I remember when I was younger, we had an older Japanese man ride, I am not fucking kidding you, a steel humvee. God forbid if I were ever on the other side of that fucking car in an accident.

  12. Its no different than here in the states, where cops get away with what ever they want, from murder to rape, all because they wear a badge.
    As ive heard before ( silence is acceptance, hold them accountable for their actions )

  13. According to local Italian papers, the (fiscal) cop was racing his friend when the accident happened; they have both been held in custody since the accident, and the cop has had his request to be released pending trial refused by the Supreme Court. He is charged with street homicide and illegal racing, his friend with illegal racing, wrongful death and not assisting the injured.

    Trial date is December 14.

    There is a surveillance video clip here, at the very end you see the Audi coming from the left and hitting the Fiat as it enters the crossing on a green light:

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