Incompetent Driver Reverses Into Mariachi, Pushes Him Under Wheels of Passing Truck

Incompetent Driver Reverses Into Mariachi, Pushes Him Under Wheels of Passing Truck

Incompetent Driver Reverses Into Mariachi, Pushes Him Under Wheels of Passing Truck

CCTV video from Tlaxcala in Mexico, shows an incompetent driver literally murdering a member of a mariachi band by reversing into him and pushing him under the wheels of a passing truck.

In an instant, the mariachi was fatally flattened. Probably never even knew what hit him. One moment he was there, all dressed up with the trumpet in his hand, and the next he was a pancake.

The reflective vest guy barely escaped the brush with certain death. The driver then acted as if he/she wanted to escape, but their exceptional driving skills kept being exhibited even after the mariachi kill.

I don’t know who the driver was, but this was a “female driver” level of driving.

Shout out to Kyle rit… I mean… Props to Best Gore member @jorgitoxoxo for the video:

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85 thoughts on “Incompetent Driver Reverses Into Mariachi, Pushes Him Under Wheels of Passing Truck”

      1. That poor Mariachi was probably dead anyway even without the truck.
        Lack of basic awareness and common sense really cost him.
        Pretend you’re him walking and you see what he sees, I’m pretty sure you’d step over to the right of a car that’s starting to back up.

    1. No doubt make some good tacos mix a little chihuahua they never know the difference, dumb spics. I wish one of my neighbors would run over their whole family. They have backyard weddings and parties every weekend and that umpa doompa circus music drives me insane

  1. It must’ve been *A Female Chinese Driver* behind the wheel in Mexican City.
    Only A Dumb-Cunt like that would do something so stupid. Cause when you are born with only 25 % of Peripheral Vision in those Slant-Eyed Fucks, They should NEVER Get a drivers license to begin with.

    1. 3 points to note:
      1. Even if the Mariachi bandman was not there, that driver is so useless that he would have damaged the back of his car, it did indeed get smashed by the truck coming up from behind.

      2. Even after killing the poor man, he just reverses his car over the dead body, resting his tyre on the body for several seconds. I dunno whether to laugh or cry.

      3. I suspect a female, but it could still be a male driver. Just someone who doesn’t know how to control their car. Probably a new one.

  2. Seriously. In Mexico are there fucking Mariachi Motherfuckers just walking about with trumpets all the time on every street and fucking road? I thought they were for special occasions like weddings, funerals or when you took a poodle-pubed Maria out for a Chimichanga.

    I suppose realistically if they are THAT common then a kinda cull of spare Maricahi elements strolling randomly around streets and roads becomes inevitable.
    1. If a guy spits in the street in Mexico it will probably hit a Mariachi Stray.
    2. Or if a woman reverses her car she will strike a wandering Mariachi-Trumpet-for-hire by the time she gets to the other side of the road.

    A sad reflection on our changing times.

    1. In Mexico during this month the national holidays are celebrated (you know the mariachi is something emblematic), but even outside this time the mariachi is very popular at parties and meetings, sometimes they arrive without being invited, even they go drunk to sing. People need a trade to earn a few pesos.

      1. @gkiller Stop-a-tryeenga to make-a-me-a-cry-a leetle for the Trumpetty man. Make a few pesos no? They are like a mice infestation. Strolling Mariachi denting innocent women’s fenders with their carelessly carried trumpets and other brass instruments. And stupid hats.

  3. What a ” pendejo” (dumbfucker)
    Drive like maricon (faggot)
    Only women or those who try to be seen as them hit the gas on reverse gear with no feeling or any sense ot touch…
    Ok , you drop him under a track , and caused him to explode like a balloon
    Of rotflash, fine !!
    But why insist to show that highlight
    That you are crap hole cunt ass fag…
    I wonder sometimes where is Hitler when we need him the most…
    Maybe Germans are ain’t smart as the wanted to be seen….

  4. And the classic song “Amor Eterno” is playing in the background, a song that says about a loved one that died.
    “Sooner or later I’ll be with you to keep loving each other”… and *crush*!!!
    Damn, poor dude.

  5. Well, that’s not something you see everyday, a mariachi snuff video. Such a shame still, looking for the positives here, he started with a trumpet and ended up with a trombone. Albeit a very thin, wide one. Perhaps they’ll put it in his coffin and bury him with it, all they’ll have to do is open the lid just a crack, and slide it in like a letter.

  6. Mexicans show a shred of Shock Unlike this poo In loo fucks in India when someone dies in the road they walk over them even if it means a cow doesnt get hurt.

    Or like China, where a baby gets smashed like a watermelon and nobody even stops to fucking glare at it.

    There was people trying to stop this ass fuck driver and the people in the left bottom corner (inclusing the mariachi partner) Were Heartbroken.

  7. Crikies, that was quick. A bloke once told me that we live our lives by the minute. One minute you are walking down the road, next second you are dead. Bullet, car, stabbed, truck, plane out of the sky or whatever, when your number is up, it is up.

    Awesome website, awesome comments from some awesome minded people.

  8. eh the dumbass chunti went behind the suv, which is retarded in itself cause it looked like there was plenty of space between the car of his mates n the dumb bitch’s car
    so i don’t know what the fuck raza was thinking
    but he wasn’t longing for death with that level of stupidity!

  9. Incredible to think that three main factors contributed to this moment of death. The slightest delay in timing in any of them would have changed the million to one outcome of the three coming together. He crosses the road and stands behind the car, the car reversing at the moment he looked away unaware it was starting to move and the truck passing at that moment. Whatever caused the car to move looked unintentional, the musician had one last tequila, the truck driver stopped for a piss and had to wait for the cubicle, a million moments that would have altered this result. No one can control fate.

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