Indian Girl Caught Under Large Tires Has Guts Exposed

Indian Girl Caught Under Large Tires Has Guts Exposed

Indian Girl Caught Under Large Tires Has Guts Exposed

Video apparently from India shows the aftermath of a traffic accident in which a small girl got caught under large tires that opened up her midsection, exposing her guts.

It’s remarkable that she’s still alive, though I don’t know how good her prospects for life can be. The trauma to the lower two thirds of her body is too significant, so medical response would have to be adequate and fast to save her life.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Indian parents are the worst anyway. They’ll be hoping she survives so they can send her out begging. It’s been well documented how many indian subhumans have blinded their own kids or cut the knee ligaments, ad hoc.

          1. Careful, his wife, JJ will get on your ass after that comment… sheeit, now I’m due for some fuckin’ nagging. Oh well, at least it’s over the internet and not face to face…

      1. Not really that hard to watch, its a biological thing. Shes torn open and a little squished. More than likely her lower half wont work no more meaning she’ll be shitting and pissing in a bag, no womb so no 3rd world babies. No pussy so no orgasms, thats the worst part this is why little girls should get fucked cause you never know when that va jay jay will be taken from you. Best you can do is become the best cock sucker on the face of the earth

      2. @goritian
        This indeed is hard to watch. I Have a hard time when it comes to seeing kids suffer like this. Unfortunately, i doubt that she will survive this traumatic accident, as her blood loss alone will seal her fate before she even reaches the hospital. 🙁

    1. You should see that video where sicarios kill a cop then his 10 year old son. The kid simply gets sliced through the stomach and his guts ripped out then his heart while alive. His screaming was brutal. That’s the first I’ve seen BG members break down.

      1. Yes I have seen that. And one of the reasons why it was gut wrenching is because a minor was involved. That was the most fucked up shit that I have seen in my whole life but I wasn’t that bothered knowing that the youn man would likely end up a cunt since it’s Mexico after all.

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          What was I thinking, cows, monkeys, and rats are all cleaner and smarter than Indians, of course it would be agreatplacetovisit!

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  2. Fuck man, poor little one. I can withstand a beheading of a scoundrel no questions asked, but I can’t stomach it when ugly shit like this happens to little ones. Even crazy motherfuckers have their do’s and dont’s.

          1. hahaha I agree with what he says about women in India… the rest is your problem, I try not to get into discussions that are not with me, lately here are all very aggressive .. will be for the Balance Goints …..? maybe

  3. Holy shit. I’m honestly at a momentary loss for anything to say beyond “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.” I was almost okay until the part where she was trying to shift her position (as if any was gonna be more comfortable) and reached down to clutch her own guts like she was grasping the hem of a dress.

    Just…holy fuck. Just…fuck.

  4. It’s videos like this that let me know that no matter how hardcore I try to be, there’s still some semblance of humanity left in me.. I makes joke an all, but scenes like this truly break my heart and haunt me… Anyways, I made a Faustian pact with BG, so I cannot abandon my brothers and sisters to watch these horrific videos w/o the accompaniment of childlike laughter.. I guess what I’m really tryin to say is.. All you fuks are pieces a shit!.. Butt Uncle Sphincs I luv yas all …

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      1. Something that always gets to me is when no one helps someone in need and instead whip out their phones to record someone else’s misfortune. I would like to think if I ever see someone in need of help, I’ll be there for them.

        1. I hate that so much too. Bunch of cowards just looking to post messed up videos to their page and get a LIKE. Ugh Never in my life have I recorded people I don’t know, especially someone who is going through something in public. People don’t have any respect for shit no more.

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          1. Eh… Rummaging’s Ok.. It’s when they start rifling through their guts is when I start to ask myself… Why the fuk would you intestinally… I mean.. Intentionally want to touch your exposed visceral…?

  5. Watching that poor little lassie lying there poking & prodding at her own guts, not understanding what they are & trying to pull them off her…
    I kept hearing my Mothers voice saying…
    “Don’t pick at it, you’ll make it worse”.!!!

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