Indian Man Had Both Legs Cut Off by Train, Keeps Grabbing Protruding Bone

Indian Man Had Both Legs Cut Off by Train, Keeps Grabbing Protruding Bone

An Indian man had both his legs cut off by a train and was filmed crying for help as his hands kept sweeping the air, trying to feel his legs which were not there anymore.

The amputation took place just below the waste and also affected his testicles. If you look carefully, you can see that both his testes were partially skinned.

The way he keeps moving his right stump and feeling the protruding thigh bone is perhaps the most disturbing part of the video. I can’t even fathom how that must have felt. As such, I’m not even surprised to see him laying there with his neck on the track. The next train probably can’t come fast enough for this guy.

But at least no young punk stooped over him to mock his suffering, like they do in the Philippines.

Props to Best Gore member carborandom for the video:

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          1. Spices to cover the taste of their own shit between their fingers. You would think a country which doesn’t use toilet paper would champion the use of eating utensils! But no … let’s use our hands to both wipe our asses and also to pick up food to eat.

          2. The folks used to have tenants that were Indian or Bangladeshi and we would smell all the spices and whatnot that they cooking. Took a long time to get rid of that smell/odor out of the hallway after they had moved.

          1. skully! how are you??
            aww thanks, that’s very sweet..ive never been a star before….
            no worries my friend – ive got your back šŸ˜€

  1. will somebody help him? That man surely is in great pain.. i hope the next train arrived as quickly as possible to end his suffering.. šŸ™‚
    I really looked closely that my eyes nearly stick on the monitor but no matter how i tried i cant see any nuts in there.. maybe it was so black? Or small? its invisible in my naked eye.. lol

          1. Haha, yes @danielray, was partial to the odd snifter of a nice bit of snuff once upon a time. Before the leftists stuck their oar in and did away with the good old tobacconist’s. Doesn’t half get the eyes watering if you sniff a bit too much while chuckling šŸ˜‰

  2. The poor bastard. That’s the first guy I’ve seen that was chopped by a train and not lying there in a calm state of shock. It does look survivable compared to other similar accidents. And it looks like his junk will survive too. Any closer and they’d have had to put a label on him “May contain traces of nuts”

  3. No wonder his balls are red raw given the fact that he won’t leave his bone alone.

    I will leave you with a quote,

    “Just because something protrudes outwards doesn’t mean you have to keep playing with it”.

    -Brokeback’s ex girlfriend.

        1. Traumatic amputation such as that usually causes the artery walls to contract and close or so I hear. I feel sorry for the bugger. On one hand it’s droll, on another hand, I wouldn’t want to be the one in that situation (no shit) and caught moonlighting on camera. Yikes.

      1. Well, once he’s recovered and had his legs sewn back on he’ll find the video online and be horrified when he realises people have seen him in this state of undress. Poor guy…

          1. @cheeky ,I’m just messing with you,you’re fun ,but her in the USA skinned balls are mainly from bulls ,some boil them and some deep fry them ,I personally never seen bulls skinned nutbag, but seen lots on TV !

      1. @cheekyme awwww i missed you guys too, well, i was a bit busy with court and stressing about it. Im ok now tho, life wasn’t good at all for a while, was missing my daughter ect, but now my ex got her head out her ass and saw the kind of damage it was causing me, now i get to see my little angel šŸ™‚ she called me this morning too. Shes 1 yrs and a half, we talked about her cat and the splash pad lol

        And as for the skinned nutsack! Lol its so full if demonseed that i feel no mercy for it hahahahahahahaha

          1. @nybadguy oh thanks a lot brother, that’s really nice man. But the court thing im going thru is criminal court (i was drunk and smoking that dirty rock and i got busted trying to boost about 70$ worth of meat from grocery store to get more “hard”. Sucks coz its really not like me, im not even into rock, im more of an ecstasy, Special K, mdma, dxm,mushrooms,mescaline kind of guy, but life caught up to me and i caved in to all the stress ect
            But my babymom is being really cool tho now, funny thing is that she was dating a fucken pig cop but since we started talking again and saw our daughter’s smile when i talked to her she purposely gave her cop bf the password to her pof profile and purposefuly started talking dirty and loving to me lol coz she knows i hate zops so she did that to give me the satisfaction over sticking it to a pig for once lmfao

            @ cheeky awww i hope you have one too, you deserve it šŸ˜‰

          2. @zen.I just finished criminalcourt.I was facinga coyncounty bullet=6 months in thepokey. Idid what i had to do to getit straightened out. A bunch of fines.Its better then doing thetime. Now imI’m in family court due to mycrazy ex.I hate to preach to you brother but. you should try your hardest man to getoff all that junk for you kid. IveI’veseen so many people end up dead jailand destroy there lifeto that shit man. Its all aboutyour kidnow brotbrother.

  4. im still puzzled as to how people get hit by a train….i mean i know if i want to live DO NOT step onto train tracks….and if by any chance they happen to find themselves on the traintracks to they not see or hear the HUGE lump on metal moving towards them at great speed

    1. Well, in this case, given his position on the tracks and the fact that the damage was to his legs I would say that he lay down on the tracks in order to die.

      A lot of people however get killed by accident. Some try to take shortcuts across the tracks and end up getting hit, others get so drunk that they don’t know where they’re going and end up getting hit.

      Then of course there are the murders where people push each other onto the tracks in order to make it look like suicide.

      The train is still a very popular way to commit suicide, it’s quick and painless when done correctly unlike the poor sod in the above footage.

      It doesn’t do any favours for those stuck in rush hour traffic though, I’ve been there having to explain to the boss why I’m now going to be late due to the scattered pieces of a once complete human jigsaw puzzle.

    2. ‘HUGE lump on metal moving towards them at great speed’.

      Travelling back from London last week I was bored and spent part of the journey looking at GPS tracking data; the train was travelling at 50 mph as it came into a station that it was stopping at, and between 105 and 125 mph along most of the route.

      Indian trains are, probably, a little slower.

  5. I guess this is what happens, when one doesn’t train himself to look both ways. No doubt, the poor soul looks pretty loco to me, ranting and railing about his lost legs.

    I guess he lost track, on what he was doing. But I imagine someone will come along, and wheel this poor fella home. I think that is what he’s signaling anyway.

    …God, isn’t he in a pinch right now?

    1. He is in a pickle alright. Placing his neck on the rail, while in his delerium, praying that the slumdog express is not behind schedule.
      Safe to say he’s not having fun right now , well, apart from playing with his huge bone ! šŸ˜›

  6. This reminds me of the six weeks I spent travelling around India with an- girlfriend.

    On arrival, in Bombay, we were leaving the airport terminal and heading for the line of little black and yellow taxis.

    As we crossed the road towards the taxi rank, we were accosted by a group of beggars sitting and standing at the kerb, including a number hauling themselves along with their arms as their legs were reduced to stumps.

    My girlfriend commented ‘It’s no wonder they don’t have any legs if they lie about on the road all day’.

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