Indian Man with Fucked Up Leg Filmed by Man with Fucked Up Filming Skills

Indian Man with Fucked Up Leg Filmed by Man with Fucked Up Filming Skills

Indian Man with Fucked Up Leg Filmed by Man with Fucked Up Filming Skills

Somewhere in India, a man had his leg run over by a vehicle. In the video, the damage to the leg looks serious enough to assume that he won’t be walking on it again.

But he’s not the only one involved with something fucked up. The skills of the cameraman filming him are equally fucked up so prepare for a lot of upside down footage, flip flops close ups and general swinging back and forth.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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91 thoughts on “Indian Man with Fucked Up Leg Filmed by Man with Fucked Up Filming Skills”

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          2. HFN, you are luckier than good. By the time a Jewish lawyer could get a visa to India and arrange flights over the top of the Himalayas to crash land into a Kolkata leper colony, the monsoon season will be upon the Subcontinent.

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    1. lol, I was thinking the same thing, he’s more bummed about that than the destroyed leg.

      Imagine the horror of what passes for a hospital in that dusty shite hole, he probably won’t survive whatever they call surgery there.

      and the world’s last memory of him will be that lil’ peeps, …

  1. I think the guy was filming other people’s legs to help compare/contrast. I now clearly see how serious his injury is. Also I hate to say his penis is bigger than mine. What should I do about this?…

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