Indian Man High on Drugs Doesn’t Understand Train Chopped Off His Feet

Indian Man High on Drugs Doesn't Understand Train Chopped Off His Feet

Indian Man High on Drugs Doesn't Understand Train Chopped Off His Feet

A man from Punjab in India got allegedly so high on drugs, he rested beside a train track with his feet across a rail. The passing train chopped off both his feet, though the man did not notice.

As witnesses approached him, they realized the man did not understand his feet were amputated, but he did acknowledge to them that his legs hurt. The people asked him for a cell phone number to contact his family, but he never reasonably answered to that, presumably because his brain was still too fried to understand what they were saying.

Props to Best Gore member @antonchigurheltoro for the video:

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137 thoughts on “Indian Man High on Drugs Doesn’t Understand Train Chopped Off His Feet”

          1. Or that step when you realize that you don’t have any goddamn feet to step with.
            Now stfu and let’s make puppies!

    1. 1. The metal gets hot
      2. Quick traumatic amputation causes the severed artery to constrict and retract (natural survival mechanism)
      3. He’s really good at yoga and has hindu powers
      4. He’s not human
      5. He has tourniquets on under his shorts

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    1. As long as you’re not an old dude, with a lust for blood, holding the pic lady hostage in his cellar, then everything is a-okay ;-/

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            AKA SkullRose*

  2. Holy fuck that must have been some good shit, this shit is the reason I never do strong shit because I know I’ll mutilate myself however because fuck it, high lol and SHIT! Honestly that video of that one fucker who scoops his eyes out because he was mad tripping on bath salts.

    Imagine sobering up to this or worse, fuck this honestly at least for me it just doesn’t do it, I’ll just stick to grass and laughing at dindu and respective hindu-nuffin’s.

  3. That was a 1 minute 38 second wank of which I am only a little ashamed.
    However, I can console myself with the sure knowledge and motherfucking certainty that if I had been there I would not have got my mobile phone out and started filming the poor fucker’s stumps. I would have got my roll of gaffer-tape out and robustly re-attached his feet. The zoned-out Clarksville resident would have probably managed to then stumble home… simply thinking he had sore ankles and some very tight, shiny silver socks on. I’m not sure about sock-washing protocols in Indiana and how long it might take the bearded hick to discover the true after-horror of his meth-haze lurking under his shiny new gaffer-tape socks… but that Clark County resident wont be visiting here again.

  4. Is someone copying BG…?
    Google: Indian Man High on Drugs Doesn’t Understand Train Chopped Off His Feet
    The headline is exactly the same on 2 more sites, and the first part of the story is identical word for word from “A man from Punjab…” up to “…that his legs hurt.” on 1 other site.

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