Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death, Beating Heart Shot Out of Body

Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death, Beating Heart Shot Out of Body

The video is from India, but I don’t have any further specifics.

It shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. A man is shown next to his bike with head and chest crushed, and internal organs squeezed out. His heart was shot out of the chest and landed a distance away, still beating (as we’ve seen many times before).

Props to Best Gore member @paresh97 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Im sorry but I DISAGEE. The body and guts we’ll still be laying there motionless…meanwhile, that beating heart won’t be beating for too much longer. Therefore, more time should have been focused on the heart, with how short the video was to begin with.

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  1. I just cannot understand how a heart could be cleanly cut out of a body like that and be sitting there by itself. Your heart is tied into your body by huge veins that would need to be cut perfectly to remove a heart from a body plus your ribcage protects the heart remarkeably well. Thus, can anyone with surgical or anatomical experience explain how a whole heart could separate itself from a body like that so cleanly it could remain beating? My feeling is that someone came by and cut it out on purpose but then, you can see the blood path from the body to the heart like it slid out. Last question: If a body get’s crushed, does the pressure “squeeze” out your internal organs like that?

    1. i recall a court case in the USA where they foudn a guy sat in his car, there had been a impact to the back end. at first glance there was no immediate cause of death. when they did the post mortem his brain had literally been cleanly severed inside his skull from the impact. that must have been the mother off all whip lash injuries….
      the medical examiner doctor person said it comes down to force and angles… etc… just the right combination and weird things happen.

    2. When I was a kid, my cousin’s dog got run over by a garbage truck. Looked just like this, except with fur. The heart was down the street from the rest of him, still beating. Then my grandmother made me go in the house and eat beefaroni for lunch…

    3. In short, the heart is able to beat outside of the body because there is still enough oxygenated blood within it immediately after death. The heart is not regulated by the brain, but a group of pacemaker cells (SA node) that is your heartbeat. Each heartbeat is triggered by these cells that generate electrical activity within the heart that causes it to contract. The SA node is within the right atrium of the heart, thus explaining how arteries that we’re severed connecting the heart to the body doesn’t influence the contraction of the heart, on ml y to bring oxygenated blood to the heart which keeps it alive.
      Therefore, the brain regulates the rate of the heart beats, but it’s the heart itself that signals itself to contract and beat.
      The SA node continues sending signals down the AV node throughout the cardiac to contract, and will continue until energy is depleted and they stop as does the heart.

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    4. @bertdanger; high velocity impacts and, more importantly, the immediate deceleration injury that results, are associated with traumatic rupture of the aorta (the larger of the two arteries leaving the heart) in ~20% of fatality causing vehicle collisions (the second highest cause of death is traumatic brain injury).

      A study of 47 fatalities in pedestrian / vehicle impacts suggested aortic ruptures are always present if the velocity was above 100 km/h but never occurred below 50-60 km/h and, if dismemberment occurs, the velocity was above 90 km/h.*

      That study involved pedestrian deaths, in motor vehicle collisions it’s important to remember that the velocity of each vehicle is important in determining the energy at the point of impact.

      Assuming that our deceased Indian was travelling at 100 km/h, his final velocity is nil and the impact was measured over 0.3 seconds; his deceleration was ~ 332 km/h equating to 9.4G.

      The heart is a dense muscular organ and will happily tear loose from the, otherwise soft contents (veins, arteries and lungs) of the thoracic cavity, if there is an opportunity.

      Typical ejections are seen through wounds to the neck, axillae, abdomen and open fractures of the thoracic cavity.


       *International Journal of Legal Medicine 113(2):84-8 · February 2000

    5. The heart is a scalar organ first then electrical connects to your plasma body and your plasma body connects to the field which comes from a God.
      Some organs can store electricity like batteries.
      Your thigh muscle for instance is a piezioelectric battery.
      So this heart is beating from the remaining electrical power stored in itself and some is coming from the field.( thats diminishing,closing off)
      Tom bearden on radionics
      Dr jerry tennant on body electricity.

  2. In india the street folk waste nothing, they literally recycle every scrap of paper and plastic etc and sell it on for money…
    Some lucky indian kid will have picked that heart up in no time at all and taken it to the nearest hospital to put on ice and sell for transplant. it must have been like winning the lottery for him.

  3. That is one impressive splat. This guy must have been going at one hell of a speed to get smashed like that; its almost looks like he fell from the sky.

    Meh, beating severed hearts. Seen those before, not really something new and exciting anymore.

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  5. This one is quite gorey, if there was one thing that would make it (even more) horrifying it would be that the victim would still be moving after being crushed flat. That would be frightening.

  6. Then I’m down in the bottom of a pit in the blazing sun,
    Torn and twisted at the foot of a burning bike,
    And I think somebody somewhere must be tolling a bell.
    And the last thing I see is my heart, still beating,
    Breaking out of my body and flying away
    Like a bat out of hell.

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