Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Driver Flees

Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Driver Flees

Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Driver Flees

In an unspecified part of India, a motorcyclist was run down by a truck that ran him over and crushed him to death. The trucker then fled the scene, leaving behind the carnage.

The victim has his head utterly smashed, and the abdomen emptied of content. There’s cardboard ready to cover him with, but nobody seems in a hurry to put it on the guy.

Props to Best Gore member @prany7 for the video:

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77 thoughts on “Indian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Driver Flees”

          1. Point taken Pigs… those organs have paid the piper and wont be singing Dixie in the near future. I guess his lifelong dream of being an altruistic organ donor got flushed down the drain along with them.

    1. With a side order of statutory salutations Sphinx. The worst case of projectile vomiting I’ve ever seen. This guy could be used as India’s next big thing when its nuclear arsenal breaks down. One preemptive strike from this sucka and it’s curtains for anybody on the receiving end.

  1. More road accidents than corner stores…well almost. You can hear the police man with his 50c siren whistle ,making sure 3000 people are safe and off the road. They use some sort Morse code that warns everyone like pushing the horn on the car but I’ve not managed to understand it yet. Never the less..not using toilet paper and using your hand instead is just not on.

  2. They say , an entertainment troupe or a circus hardly comes to this part of the town .And theaters are a non entity .
    One may ask what else is then there to bemuse their eyes with ? Flat out answer is to see them mostly converged by the road side on most week days ; watch ’em filming people waywardly
    get run/plough/mowed down and ofcourse have it all saved for a leisure time viewing with a bottle of booze in one hand and the other teasing,squeezing their wife’s melons.

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