Indian Motorcyclist Impales His Chin on Fence After Crashing

Indian Motorcyclist Impales His Chin on Fence After Crashing

In India, a motorcyclist crashed and landed with his chin on a spoke of a fence. The video shows him unpleasantly impaled, as passersby help unstuck him and carry his limp body to a van for transport to hospital.

The guy looks pretty messed up, but I bet the feeling of relief after that metal thing is removed from his mouth must have been divine.

Props to Best Gore member @crankyindian for the video:

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83 thoughts on “Indian Motorcyclist Impales His Chin on Fence After Crashing”

  1. He looked dead. I don’t think he could feel any relief, seeing how he was dead as fuck….but some live people look dead… Like a lot of you on here 🙂

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    1. don’t think he was dead, the first dot responder touched his head to comfort him…and they were taking way to much care in removing him …he could of been of high class, because that matters over there…

  2. Am I the only one who’s disgusted by every vidio like nothing makes me uncomfortable but to make jokes about like fan that’s a bit to much don’t you think it an I just being a BITCH i mean damm poor guy

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