Indian Pedestrian Sandwiched Between Vehicles Dies with Twisted Torso

Indian Pedestrian Sandwiched Between Vehicles Dies with Twisted Torso

On July 26, 2017, an accident in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai, India left a pedestrian dead with his torso twisted.

According to the info I got, the pedestrian was crossing the highway when an out of control black car hit him before driving off the overpass. The pedestrian got sandwiched between his and another vehicle.

The driver of the black car is admitted in hospital and is in critical condition. He’s still better off than the poor guy who got hit.

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86 thoughts on “Indian Pedestrian Sandwiched Between Vehicles Dies with Twisted Torso”

      1. I read the description too fast. Thought it said the guy that got hit was taking to the hospital in critical conditon and then I double checked the picture hahahha I was like…um, lemme re-read that real quick lol

    1. Na minha opiniao, la tem pra todos os gostos. Nao creio que Havaianas faria muito sucesso na communidade BG. Pra maioria lembra sangue, e lagrimas, hahahaha

    1. At this point though is it really a surprise? It’s about as much of a surprise as a gang killing in Brazil, Mexico or Chicago; A beheading or suicide bombing in the middle east or a snowflake being offended by something. You already know it’s going to happen but I guess the surprise might lie in “To what severity is it going to happen”.

  1. I’d never even dare to jaywalk on an Indian street with traffic, not that I’d go to India anyway. I feel sorry for everyone that was unfortunate enough to have been born there. My condolences.

    1. i live India and yes roads are pretty dangerous very few people follow the rules . i agree this country is very much fcked up !! worst thing about this country is that I can’t marry the girl I love because she is hindu and I am christian.

      1. This is one of the wonderful things about being able to really talk with people from all of the world at will… You can show people things that they would never have seen… give them ideas that they would never have thought … All at click-of-a button… Now pay attention this is where it gets good… its is up to each of us to change the world we live in it’s up to you to change the world you live in not complain about why your world sucks

    2. I’d never even dare to go to India. It seems like trains, cars, and trees go out of their way to crush and impale you. They have like 10,000 gods… At least one of them has to be the God of saving people from large metal objects and shrubbery.

  2. Look everyone …. FREE HUSBAND!

    I wonder if it’s developing into a game of road pinball derby with all the recent events. How many points is that when you sandwich someone between two vehicles? I know grannies are only 2 points because they are easy to nail.

    1. Haha I thought I was the only one with that thought. People riding in my car always look at me weird when im driving and yell out “that ones 20 points” “oh fuck that ones on crutches thats 20 points plus an additional 10 for crippling a cripple.” “40 points for people on bikes and other moving targets.” Not sure theres any rhyme or reason to the values lol but it makes me laugh either way

      1. when driving with my friends we used to always drive past a cemetery and once one friend noticed I would always hold my breath and not sure lol when it began but I felt it ‘unfair’ that I could breathe and they could not. of course I was called out for being absolutely ridiculous but just something I forever did that is until one friend began putting car in neutral and another cutting engine off LOL never did again. was pretty dumb ass custom I continue to do only when alone shhh

    1. I was at meeting once and no idea how during the break colleague and I engaged in this conversation but he said why do dogs lick their balls and I said uh because they can. he gave me biggest wtf face. he laughed but seemed wholly perplexed. I find it no brainier

  3. It seems in India they have no freaking clue how to look both ways before crossing the street, or not to walk in the street, or stay off the train tracks! Hood ornaments and road smears all of them !

  4. This happens in India all the time , when 2 vehicles claim the same ornament, then the poor Indian get sandwiched and twisted, at the end no car got his ornament but the Indian got fucked up…sad

  5. He’s a labourer who was installing a hoarding on the edge of the flyover. The driver was a 20 year old who was driving rash. He first collided with a truck & lost control, crashing into 3 labourers. Atleast 1 fell down from the flyover & died instantly. Another died in the hospital. The black Chevrolet car is the 1 that caused the accident & fell off the bridge. Sadly, the driver survived.

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