Indian School Bus Driver Runs Over Child

Indian School Bus Driver Runs Over Child

Indian School Bus Driver Runs Over Child

CCTV footage from South India shows a school bus dropping off a few children. Then, another child passes in front of the stopped bus. The driver doesn’t notice and begins to drive forward, running over the child.

The driver crushes the boy with both front and rear wheels, before passing beyond the view of the camera. The vehicle’s shadow seems to suggest that the driver never stopped. I don’t know if the child survived or if the driver was held to account.

Props to Best Gore member @shireesh for the video:

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    1. Exactly what I was thinking! Stupid 3rd worlders! Yea, he may have a broken neck or back, but Momz needs to pick up and hold her bebe!! Fuck-all if he can never walk again due to further injury from being bounced around, after being mauled by a BUS! Momz needs to hold that bebe!! This all assumes that he survived at all of course, which by the looks of the violence of the incident, doesn’t seem likely anyway..

  1. Are the roads so terrible you don’t notice a huge shake down like that?? I can only assume he was trying to prevent the bus kids from witnessing the outcome, but the second hit was totally avoidable.

    1. Neck injuries? Let me grab you and shake ya around screaming my dumb ass off. These people are third world as fuck in a second world setting. That kid is dead is the moral of this story..

    1. I know I was enjoying that artwork while kid was dying a slow painful agonizing death as everyone was freaking the fuck out. If I was there during that chaos I’d be like “excuse me? Hello? Does anyone know anything about this artwork or who painted it? Hello?? Assholes”

    2. Agreed, first thing I noticed. They were the best thing about the video besides the part where the makeshift motorcycle/ambulance waited to leave until they had seasoned the kid’s corpse with cumin and coriander.

  2. Kids dead as fuck. I mean having a bus squash that tiny head of his only to then be picked up by third world monkeys ( Probably Parents) being tossed around like a ragdoll. At last being wrapped into a blanket an put on the back of a bike with the hope of surviving being taking to the hospital? Da Fuck? An this is why Third World Countries will never adapt.

  3. Wow, that was awesome. *thump* *thump*. Perfectly under the wheels. No way the bus driver didn’t notice that, unless it was a female.

    The best part is when they come and pick him up, jangle him around, then put him back down, then back up. I hear that’s the best thing to do when someone has a possible neck or spine injury. I was half expecting them to grab him by his foot and drag him across the road.

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