Indian Woman Reduced to Smear by Fuel Tanker in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh

Indian Woman Reduced to Smear by Fuel Tanker in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh

In the city of Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, a woman was run over by a fuel tanker that reduced her to a champion length blood smear on the road.

The woman was dismembered and disemboweled by the truck, but the way her spine remained attached to the head and shoulders still retains her human characteristics. Remarkably, despite total bodily destruction, the woman’s head seems fairly intact, so an open casket funeral should still be a possibility.

Props to Best Gore member @vvrk77 for the video:

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78 thoughts on “Indian Woman Reduced to Smear by Fuel Tanker in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh”

    1. It may have to do with over population but if you ever seen how people cross the streets in these countries you’d be fairly surprised. They simply walk across the busiest streets and it doesn’t seem like there are any traffic lights or pedestrian crossings anywhere.

      Take a look at this video:

      That’s pretty typical day to day walking across the street. It’s really no surprise that each time a unlucky person gets smeared.

    1. I noticed that too but I thought it was funny it didn’t even seem that interested it was just like sniffing like wtf is this and that dog is starving so maybe curry people don’t taste nice

    1. @mosdeth ~ Raspberry sound inserted here as requested… *PBBBBLITTTTT!* Back atcha! But don’t you love the stray dog eating her entrails from the road? I think the sound would be much better if Alfred Hitchcock described it better with a good *DOINK-followed by a verbal FUCK* first? [Nick at Night reference] .. Old school Nick early 90’s.

      1. Bad shot of the continuous feet much… Nice music though. She was truly smeared for quite a while for everyone could enjoy on the buffet, no curry needed even the dog! *They will eat the dog later full of flavour. YUM!

  1. There has to be legitimate brain problem in these countries were people get run over by large vehicles every fucking day. I don’t feel anything for these people anymore. I don’t understand how it happens over and over. Don’t step onto busy road. That’s it. I can’t make it more simple.

  2. Get off the fucking road! Why are people always playing on the road with traffic? Why are third world people so stupid? This kind of shit never happens in canada! They are asking for trouble. Aren’t they scared of trucks like the rest of us are with common sense? I don’t understand why people are so stupid. Get off the road for christ sakes! Up against a big truck you’ll lose. You’ll lose limbs and your life. Such unbelieveable stupid people omg…

  3. India is soo noisy! Honking all the time, babbling all the tim, and this music omg..

    Is there some kind of competition in India of who can get killed first or something?
    This happen by daily basis, doesn’t it? Like some kind of messed up tradition.

    FFS get the dog away from there! Fkn cavemen!

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