Indian Youths Not Bothered by Corpse of Man Cut in Half by Train

Indian Youths Not Bothered One Bit by Corpse of Man Cut in Half by Train

Indian Youths Not Bothered by Corpse of Man Cut in Half by Train

This was filmed in Bhilai Nagar, a city in Chhattisgarh, India. A man was cut in half and killed by a train. A group of youths films his corpse, but remains very casual about it the whole time. It’s like seeing train accident victims is a regular thing. It hardly bothers anyone.

The lower part of the victim settled quite a distance away from the upper part. There doesn’t seem to be any train stopped on the tracks where he was killed. The train probably carried on its way to the destination.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Indian Youths Not Bothered by Corpse of Man Cut in Half by Train”

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    1. I think the open, relatively clean area confuses the average dindu. They can’t process the sight of it, because every other square inch of that shithole is crammed with shacks, shit, garbage, and other dindus. They don’t do well with electricity either.

  1. This is the attitude all countries should adopt towards death by train. Instead of stopping everything and fucking the whole system up for hours making me late for work just let the foxes do the work.

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    1. Do dindus have air travel at all? I wouldn’t think so. How would they keep them off the runways? How would you even build an airport in a country where everything is covered with a layer of shit and garbage hundreds of feet deep?

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    1. An article I read Nov-Dec ‘18 was that India had developed a nationwide plan to build restraining walls along the busiest rail lines to stop what they called a massacre of tens of thousands of people each year. They were talking about 3000 km of 3-meter concrete barriers.

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  2. There’s no better way to board a running train hitching a free ride except having a part of ya , off the track a little below the torso within the bogie and the rest strewn around as the dogs meal for the day.
    Didn’t nobody tell him how haste always makes waste.
    Too much of a mad rush with no adrenaline pumping leaves me gasping ,asking questions as to what’s wrong with the commuters in India these days.
    The careless wannabies of tomorrow who’ve in them to join the same brigade are getting the hang of it slowly by learning the sequences bit by bit.

  3. Lucky the gentleman caught the express. The kids do see this every day. The train shows are better than the splats on the streets although they do enjoy a good “wall crushing down slow walking woman” now and then.

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