Indian Car Accident Victim with Indestructible Eye

Indian Car Accident Victim with Indestructible Eye

The rule of the eye as the most destruction resistant part of human body reigns supreme. This fellow from India got in a car accident that claimed his life. The photo is available in pretty good resolution and when you bump it up, you can see that his skull took some heavy blows during the impact and cracked open in places. We don’t get to see the full extent of damage the accident caused, but the eye came out unharmed, even though tissue around it sports a nasty fissure. Eyes are nigh indestructible.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. Taking one from the black box/airplane theory….what if one could make a whole head out of one big eyeball? We’d never need helmets!!

    I’m going to go work on that. You just wait for it…

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