Indian Man is Struck by Bus, Leg is Destroyed

Indian Man is Struck by Bus, Leg is Destroyed

Just a single image here but it’s a doozy. The magnitude of tissue and structural damage is cringe-inducing. All I really know about the photo is that it’s from India. A man was struck by a bus which rolled over his leg, completely destroying it; shattering bone, shredding muscle and tearing skin. Unfortunately, the man later succumbed to shock.

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          1. @bobcat.
            Well each to their own I suppose. I think there’s a few old guys who’ve never strayed much further than the village round here, home birds. My great uncle was much the same. Apart from the Korean war, furthest he got was down to his local. Never known a more content bloke than he was.

          1. Which begs the question, how do they manage playing a test match over 4 days where, if not out, a batsman will run literally miles !?. Shin splints do occur though for sure.

  1. “…the man later succumbed to shock.”

    Has no one in India ever heard of a tourniquet? Use his belt, your belt, strong shoelaces or improvise using other things you probably have with you or close by. If you can stop the bleeding soon enough and somehow manage to keep the guy calm (don’t let him look at his injury), you have a better chance of saving him…

    1. I doubt the shock in this case was secondary to blood loss. The crushing of the muscle per se is very dangerous and can cause renal failure. Crushing tend not to cause big losses of blood, but the broken muscle cells components are noxious when they enter the bloodstream. A dangerous moment is when the pressure is released:
      “Without proper preparation, the patient, with pain control, may be cheerful before extrication, but die shortly thereafter. This sudden decompensation is called the “smiling death.”

      1. Rhabdomyolysis (muscle crushing as described above) may cause death in approximately 5% of severe crush injuries, but renal failure takes time to develop and progress.

        Similarly, hypovolaemic shock due to blood loss can kill, but I would not expect this after a crush injury of the leg (the leg is the lower limb below the knee) alone.

        The more likely cause of death in this case is from fat embolism (fat embolism syndrome / FES) secondary to the comminuted (multiple fractures) fracture of the tibia.

        Fat embolism can occur after crush injury to the long bones (femur, tibia, pelvis).

        It can also occur following intra-medullary nailing and pelvic and knee arthroplasty.

        Other forms of trauma that may be rarely responsible for FES include massive soft tissue injury, severe burn, bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow transplant, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, liposuction, and median sternotomy.

        Non-traumatic conditions are very uncommon but include acute pancreatitis, fatty liver, corticosteroid therapy, lymphography, fat emulsion infusion and haemoglobinopathies.

        The fat from the bone marrow is forced into the circulation as large globules and lodges in small blood vessels (lung, brain, kidney). The fat droplets cause local ischaemia (restriction in blood supply) and inflammation with the release of inflammatory mediators which further aggravate the condition via platelet aggregation, vasoactive amines and C-reactive proteins.

        Local hydrolysis of fat emboli by pneumocytes results in the production of free fatty acids, which migrate to other organs via the systemic circulation and cause multi-organ dysfunction.

        Histopathological examination following fat embolisation typically shows fat droplets in the small vessels in interlobular connective tissues and many of the alveolar capillaries of the lungs, the glomeruli of the kidneys and a few capillaries in parietal region of the brain.

        It’s essentially a respiratory shut-down resulting in cerebral hypoxia, and is often seen with a characteristic skin rash.

        Although death normally occurs in 36 – 48 hours it has been seen in as little as 2 – 3 hours after trauma.

        Death in First World countries, with advanced pulmonary support, occurs in less than 10% of cases but without such intervention then 10 – 25% cases would be expected to die

    1. This would be a case of hypovolemic shock, low volume of blood equals low volume of oxygen needed for cellular respiration. It’s complicated way beyond what I could ever understand (I’m no doctor), but I found the following info…

      These aren’t my words, this is from Yahoo answers…

      How does someone die of shock?

      Shock is the condition where the body is unable to supply enough oxygen to the tissues. It is not “OMG!” kind of shock.

      There are a number of different kinds of shock – neurogenic, cardiogenic, septic, hypovolemic – but the result is the same: the vital organs do not get the blood flow and oxygen that they need to survive. The body shunts blood away from less vital organs in an effort to protect the heart and brain. Organs start to fail, and things go downhill rapidly.

      Sometimes, even with intensive care treatment, patients cannot be saved.

      Supportive care is given while the underlying cause is treated.

      1. Yeah thanks, I always wondered about that shock, like when you scare the shit outta someone by hiding behind a wall as they pass by you, ya yell. Someone told me not to do that because it can cause shock and kill them. But who knows I scared a shit load of people like that and no one has ever croaked.

  2. It’s a shame he died, had he lived they could have launched a leg rebuild kit in the form of a weekly publication. “each week, collect the parts needed to rebuild your lower leg. With step-by-step instructions on how to reconstruct the leg and a fact file on how likely you are to become a statistic in different parts of the world. Episode 1 contains the tibia and 3 square inches of flesh and costs only 1.99. *60 episodes required to complete leg, regular purchase price only 9.99)

      1. I saw the actual video this year of the Luka Magnotta guy killing the Chinese guy, but it wasn’t on Best Gore…it was another website, I will look around tonight for you, and when I find the website I watched it on, I will give you the link/name of website, just be patient ok? πŸ™‚

    1. because this is where you become an enlightened human being and no longer a dumb sheep. i was a dumb sheep until i watched a stoning video and thought bloody hell does the internet know this video is on here ? i thought maybe the police could have me done for cruelty for watching someone else suffer ,then somehow i stumbled upon a dagestan behaeding through a link off the stoning,i thought fuck it maybe il see a picture of a head which wasnt so shocking to me . well i watched it and realised my suspicions and growing paranoia about an evil and violent world were true and this shit is everywhere and going on so much yet the news shows nothing of the real world. i then began to not just watch and observe human behaviurs and patterns and scenes of violence but studied the shit like bestgore does,and slowly i became more educated about the world and where is good and who the good and bad guys are and why certain things take place. you are on to a good thing by coming to this site. stick around and you will learn about the real world.

      1. Duggery and skulls

        The first thing I watched on here was a girl wearing a pink shirt getting beheaded with a kife and I cried my eyes out. However I stayed obviously. It is true. I learn things on here that are not on the news or TV.

    2. Here’s what mark wrote in the disclaimer page

      “ serves as a portal accommodating discussions on various topics involving real life events. Topics are suggested through posts which, with sole intention to stimulate discussion, contain purposefully exaggerated, blown out of proportion, try-hard offensive, or fabricated commentary”

      I really do like it here, I dig the gore and some writers, also a handful of the users who comment on here share some knowledgeable information… Pretty much everyone has an opinion…some create ripples, some are shit and are olny worth flushing. You have a choice… Your brain is a tool, use it.

      1. Dagonet. I was in a very, very bad car accident in November of this last years. I was the passenger. My fiancee was driving much to fast as we had a fight. I kept pleading him to slow down, but he only go faster to scares me. A piece of road was frozen and he spun us out of control. He crashed us into a bunch of trees. It sounded like hard thunder, and then I heard nothing at all. I looked over to see him. Part of him was stuck to the windshield and steering wheel. Part of him was on me. And some on the hood.
        I was stuck there beside him for a very long time before the rescue team could cut the car to get me out. I only had a broken arm, some broken ribs and lots of bruises.
        But Joseph was gone. I couldn’t seem to hear the men or machine. Everything was silent for me.
        For all that time I look at him. I wonder why was this that I am OK but he is dead? Why not me with him? So I come here to learn that. I also come in hopes to understand what I saw, and why I still sometimes smell blood and burnt engine parts. He look so normal one moment, then he is all torn up and I can’t recognize him anymore.
        I came to understand why?

        1. @curran..
          Every each one of us got a unique reason why we love gore and the like, as for me its not only the gory stuffs that i liked it in here, every post (mostly) got pretty awesome story to tell.. Im quite learning from that.. Members may not agree with each other at times because of different point of views but that just the way it is.. we cannot please everybody..

          Im sorry for your loss.. yes its kinda sad, but you have to move on and get along with your life.. no matter how hard it is.. as for you not that comfortable with the stuffs here.. practice makes perfect.. or if it does’nt work for you.. just click the puppy

        2. @Curran

          I’m sorry you lost your fiance, I’ve never been brokenhearted like that.

          Broken arm, ribs, bruising and you had to be cut out of the car. You were in a bad accident where you were physically thrown around a bit. Our bodies do some amazing things just to live and survive. Your body may have released endorphins, your own bodies natural production of pain killers, to help you survive as well as a number of other things while you were still conscious. And perhaps something about all that happened, triggers your memory to the smell of blood and engine parts.

          The fighting, was he good for you, the ice on the road… may I ask, how much of that really matters now? Not to be insensitive, but are you still living in your past, it will soon be one year? You asked a few questions, look at them again. How many of them will you ever find the answers to? I think the answer to this is important, what will you never know?
          At some point we need to let go of some of the things in our past knowing we will not let our past define us, knowing we have memories of good times with the ones we loved and we can always take those with us into the future. You can keep searching for answers, but at some point will you accept the fact that you will not be able to answer everything? I think that when you get to this point, you will be able to piece together how you will move into the future, where eventually we all need to go.

          Answers? Take a few moments and do some superficial research on endorphins.

          I hope you come back to this post and read this…

        3. @curran, life and death are random. He was speeding and driving recklessly, lost control and hit trees. Every one dies some day, his life just ended early. It was because he was driving too fast in winter conditions. He was emotional so he drove fast. It’s better to stay calm. Move on with your life and find a new boyfriend.

  3. Ist comment on bestgore, Welcome to India,here nobody cares what the fuck happens to you eg. you can take from the white tiger case happened in India.

    India is a crap of holy shit people who just stinks like hell !!

  4. What’s with all the mean comments?

    Before u make a mean comment, consider that, this person is someone’s father, or someone’s husband, or a brother to someone!

    If you had an accident like this, where it was not your fault.. and some drunk guy in a car or a bus ran over your leg and u suffered a compound fracture, and u cant bear the pain.. would u guys like it if someone wrote the same shit for you?

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