Indian Woman with Pancaked Head


These pictures were sent in by a dedicated Best Gore reader but unfortunately no info came with them whatsoever. So I just came up with my own version of the story which assumes that this happened in India (though Sri Lanka or Bangladesh are also a possibility). The clothes the woman is wearing are traditionally worn by Indian women in south Asia hence my assumption that the woman was Indian. The fact that she died striking a pose resembling depictions of some Hindu Gods (or South East Asian Apsara dancers) has nothing to do with it, but it’s ironic.

Second assumption is that she had her head pancaked by a motor vehicle. This looks like road where she died and even though a possibility that some heavy object fell on her head exists, I still tend to lean towards a car run-over. Strangely enough, despite wearing flip-flops, she died with both of them still on her feet. Very unusual for road accident victims. It’s also quite likely, though pictures don’t show it very clearly, that despite pancaked skull, the eyes are still lingering in there unspoiled. The brain leakage came out of her skull in a fashion resembling the growth over this girl’s vagina… Oops :S

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Indian Woman with Pancaked Head”

  1. even as far back as the civil war in the US, the dam photographers were posing dead bodies. So I wouldn’t be surprised is this one was too.
    Kind of the opposite of posing with a body as some of the photos we’ve seen.

  2. yellow truck in one of the pics could be the culprit and I think she was ran over with the truck going reverse coz there’s no injury on the right hand/arm (if the truck was going forward).

    She must have lost her footing on the high embankment and fell on her back… talk about wrong place wrong time to fall over eh

    1. I’m going with the jump theory too. The radiation of the brain splatter indicates the force was applied down dowards the ground not across the ground like you would expect in a vehicle collision

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