Indians Studying Favorite Subject, Aftermath

Indians Studying Favorite Subject, Aftermath

In India, a man is face down, dead on the ground. Bystanders watch him, because no other body is found.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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32 thoughts on “Indians Studying Favorite Subject, Aftermath”

          1. Lol we all figured he had journeyed to everlasting nothing when we saw him poop his brain through his mouth but thanks for the confirmation

      1. Dear, I get it that you are an angry Brit who’s annoyed by all these immigrant stuff, I myself am.
        But how fucking illiterate you can be to write that ‘on a boat to England’
        First – The country showed above is dragged down by immigrant problems itself.
        Second – England is literally on the other side of the world, even if there were refugees, there’s no way that they can go to England without a fucking plane.

        1. I don’t see what your argument is lol.
          1) How is India dragged down by immigrant problems themselves ??

          2) yes they can idiot. They take a boat across seas to European countries then travel to Calais where they attempt to cross the channel.

          Are you even British ? Because your knowledge on the situation seems flawed

        2. You can’t illegally catch a plan to here In England you complete retard. They have something called border control – do you think they let anyone waltz through like the wizard of fucking Oz ? Kill your self

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