Indonesia – Drunk Driver Mows Down and Kills Many People

Indonesia - Drunk Driver Mows Down and Kills Many People

If I understand it correctly, it was a drunk female driver who mowed down a crowd of people, killing many. You don’t have to try hard running into a big crowd in Indonesia – the country is so ridiculously overpopulated, you just pick a direction and there’ll be thousands fighting for personal space right in front of you.

I didn’t count them, but it looked like good dozen of people were plowed down by this drunk head. She’ll probably get away with it. Indonesia is so corrupt, you can buy your way out of anything with a bit of money. She’ll be back on the road, driving drunk and killing more pedestrians in no time. Life is good in Indonesia. That’s why I stay away.

The video reminded me of similar mow down from Ukraine.

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57 thoughts on “Indonesia – Drunk Driver Mows Down and Kills Many People”

  1. A drunk is a drunk is a drunk. What the hell. She lost control and thought she was at Ruby’s. What she gets won’t be too much. She has a pretty new car and she dresses well. She should have to pay alot of money to the families that she ruined. But human life means little over there.

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    1. I was hit (clipped-by a car doing 65km per/hour!) when I was 13, when the guy who hit me came over and looked down at me on the ground, I said “you better leave, my dad will be here in a minute and he’s gonna punch you”, my dad was too concerned about me to worry about him.

  2. Lemme help you with the details:

    The driver of the car was (very) high on heroin on the time of the accident. Traveled 100 km/hr (or more) and rammed a bus stop killing 9 people and injuring 3 others. They never saw the car coming, it swerved unexpectedly. The youngest of the victim was a 2.5 years old kid.

    The dumbass driver and 3 other passengers were lucky enough the police arrive there right on time otherwise we’d be able to see the mob beating them to death… thats too bad coz I definitely would’ve liked to see more gore from that side.

    I’m impressed you got the video this quick! Keep up the awesome gore(s)!!

  3. Now thats my idea of a good time.
    Get fucking smashed , then go and plough through a crowd of women and children killing them all.
    Bribe the police and do it all again the next day…

  4. I would say that it depends upon the caste of the people involved.
    She OBVIOUSLY was from a higher caste as she had a nice vehicle and the money to get drunk. She ran over people who had to walk so they must have been in the lower caste. So I doubt she got in any trouble.

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  7. Thank you, h4ppyM3, for providing details which, apparently, nobody else chose to read. Did they seriously pile the dead in with the living on that truck? At first I thought they were all dead on the truck and then some of them started moving. If only 3 were merely “injured”, most of the ones on the truck were dead…that’s almost more disturbing than the crash…sure, put those dead people right next to me. No sweat! Ack!

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