Indonesian Girl with Head Run Over and Crushed

Indonesian Girl with Head Run Over and Crushed

In Indonesia, a young girl was knocked off her motorcycle, and had her head run over by a large vehicle. She wore a cheap helmet, that offered no protection against the weight that went over her skull.

Her head was crushed and partially flattened. Thick blood spilled on the road. The videos shows the people picking up her remains to transport them to her terminal destination.

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    1. @YNEG

      true! I saw a similar thing in China – Guangzhou. Was driving early in the morning to NIKE -ville ( one of the Chinese Nike factories, which is essentially a private town just for the thousands of Nike employees with its own streets and bars and a hospital and banks etc).

      So driving along this totally empty 6 lane freeway and every now and then we would pass a car going in the opposite direction – it was weird) and I see a dead man on the side of the road. My driver continued on, despite my objections and pleas to stop and when we arrived I tell my sister in law (Nike’s Asia – Pacific Manager – my brother, the farmer, married a heavy duty ‘Murican corporate bitch and moved to China and is now a kept man and stays at home with the driver,
      maid and the cook, who I am sure he is boning the times a day) Anyway the sister in law tells me the dead guy was there yesterday too. And sure enough on the way back to the city in the afternoon, he was still there…..

      1. @Dutchy Really? I wouldn’t have thought they’d do something like that in China, with as weird as Chinese people are about that kind of stuff. I went to China in the summer of 2008 only for a few days to get to somewhere else, and it was not exactly my favorite place to visit.. but it sounds like your brother is living it up. Especially if he’s bangin’ the maid.

  1. that’s one thing you can hand to those nasty gooks they will touch everything nasty in this planet with their bare hands and not even flinch, last min of video he picks up a piece of scull like it was her cell phone , and I bet you he wipes his hands on his pants and continues eating his moo goo gain pan like nothing ever happened

  2. I love how they are just walking arround in bare feet and picking up remains on the floor like if its already a normal thing in there… 😆 “Ohhh dont forget the fragments of your skull, little lady… Ohh and have a bit of blood to for the trip too.”

  3. i miss the old days of best gore when the kartels used to do videos of beheadings and torture not that im complaining about the recent content of besgore it just feels like a lot of stuff is either censored or toned down now days the old days of best gore were the most brutal

  4. Did? he just like pick up a chunk of her brain and throw it..he didn’t care that he was just stepping all over her blood & brain matter… There some sick fucks over there..wouldn’t be surprised if they would just throw her brain in a hotpot..and eat it sick fucks ! :-/

  5. in those place (same a thai in this sens), they are always some accident with gore and all, and always tons of vehicules (car, truck, cycle,etc..) , but VERY TONS .
    so i just think it would be a giant fucked up to move on road when an accident like that happen, it just at limit if they not autorise the traffic to run over the body and all for not make a big blocked road shit.
    just thinking about around 10 accident slike that per day, the cops would be overstressed for traffic control

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