Indonesian Man Ends His Motorcycle Ride with Deadly Faceplant

Indonesian Man Ends His Motorcycle Ride with Deadly Faceplant

I don’t have much backinfo, but apparently the video is from Indonesia. It shows a motorcyclist who ended his ride with a deadly faceplant. The pavement probably slushed his face.

In the video, the faceplanter is not revealed until his helmeted, but also dead friend is removed off of him. Both got it pretty bad.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Iโ€™m guessing this is Java, possibly West Java, from the extensive photojournalist coverage.

    Anyway, with a decent forklift, the riders could have been transferred quickly and discreetly into the meatwagon, after the primary job of loading the motorbike into the service truck. Sometimes you have to show a little respect.

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  3. Gillette razors ain’t got nothin on Indonesian pavement. This, is as close a shave as your gonna get! Motor oil makes a fine shave butter btw. This is the best way to go when your runnin late for work and need to shave some time.

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