Indonesian Man with Head and Neck Pancaked by Truck

Indonesian Man with Head and Neck Pancaked by Truck

In Banda Aceh, the capital of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, a young man had his head and neck pancaked by a truck.

The aftermath video shows a man scooping the victim’s bran matter into a box. The corpse is then moved onto a pink tarp. As he’s picked up by the crushed skull and flipped over, the extent of damage to his upper body is revealed in graphic detail.

Another angle video of the same accident:

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  1. He looks like Bernie from the Sesame Street now… 😆

    I like how that guy is just putting everything inside a box like that, like if he was sure that someone would have a reassembly instructions to put the guy back in one piece…

    1. indeed.

      dont forget an little part… maybe doctor Mc Gyver can fix that mess and this men would go back home in the day.

      (or maybe doc Mc Gyver gonna sell those part fr some buck on black market)

    1. LOL, true this! Notice how they try and pick up those brain pieces with what looks like blue oven mitts ? Geez man! They are so ill equipped, that they cannot even afford, a small pick-up broom cw/ dust pan W.T.F.

        1. It has only just been implemented (Sharia law) 2014-2015, it will be hard to stop the locals from doing what they have been doing for goodness knows how long? If it doesn’t say they can’t do it in the Quran, well they’ll do it! That is why a lot of Muslims smoke tobacco

          1. Yes it has officially implemented in 2014 but people of Aceh been longing and demanded Syariah as their way of life way longer than that. And surely marajiuana use is out of question. For the majority of Aceh that won’t be a problem because they are very devoted Muslim.

    1. @AA, correct, Australia sent a BILLION dollars to Banda Ache after that tsunami, probably more. I wonder who got the money? Much of it came from everyday Aussies doing everything from cake stalls to huge star putting on concerts to raise money. It went on for months, I can recall the money raising going on for longer than nearly any other money-raising event I can remember. Aussies can be extremely generous when it comes to this sort of thing.

  2. I am officially disgusted on how the dude picked the brain pieces up and how one dude untwisted the body. Messy and gory. Damn nice stuff in there, Ate! 😀

  3. judging by the way his empty looking abdomen twisted so easily – i would guess the truck flattened him from the waist upwards, and the lot popped/squirted out of the top of his head?
    RIP to this poor guy.
    His memory will live on (every time i squeeze the toothpaste onto my brush)

  4. dat guy who take the men for put him on the carpet….

    – wait , i grab the head !
    (oh shit, no head … well … lets grap this little parts of head with some hair on it.. lets just hope it will not separate in route)

  5. The flexible hip, great show of underwear, ripped shirt and the confident pose…. He at least died looking cool for the camera. He just needed some shades covering up the unfortunate face.
    Also, greetings everybody! I’ve been following bestgores for many years, and I finally decided to register. 🙂

  6. It looks like his innards were squished up and squirted through his head like a tube of toothpaste. Also, that guy needs to scoop brains or help with the body. One or the other. The brain goop is getting all over the rug!

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