Indonesian Motorcycle Accident with Snackbar Music

Indonesian Motorcycle Accident with Snackbar Music

In Indonesia, traffic accidents are notoriously plentiful because the country is heavily overpopulated, but also notoriously graphic due to the combination of DWA with DWT (Driving White Twinkie), they are almost without an exception filmed on a shit quality cell phone cameras and frequently audio dubbed with the shittiest music you’ve ever heard. And now this latest point is about to get a whole lotta worse.

This video shows an aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcycle. Two twinks, presumably the rider and his passenger who appear to have worn flip flops but no helmets crashed the motorcycle and probably died. In the video, they both look very much dead to me. The one on the bottom also appears to have broken his pelvis but whether you die with broken pelvis or not matters little.

The worst thing about the video is that this time around, the uploader audio dubbed it with Indonesian snackbar music. WTF?

The accident happened in Tanah Bumbu Regency in South Kalimantan:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          2. my juice,
            no, I really don’t like that whole cock avi thing. There;s something about a random dick that always makes me thing its trying to insult me.

        1. @obli,
          I wish you hadn’t said that. I’ve always held you in high esteem. Now, my mind keeps going back to the last ‘caption’ post. The one where the guy had the little fish down his ‘Japs eye’. Please tell me it’s not true, please tell me you don’t have a little fish down your ‘Jap’s eye’.

  1. I originally got a strange message when trying to view the video, but now i’ve seen it, the music is shit, and one of the guys looks like he either needs a shit or was in the middle of taking one when they crashed.

  2. the music was so lame lol
    by the way, I couldn’t understand any word from it, so it’s not arabic, it’s snackbar thai music maybe.

    but seriously why do they always use such shitty music in these kind of videos..

  3. Get the impression that they hit each other. Not impossible, but…. Perhaps a game of joust or chicken gone wrong? The worst twisted up dude also seemed to be giving the finger too in his death pose. The video was too shitty too tell for sure. The other guy will make for some decent parts on the Arab-Asia body part swap out axis.

  4. Okay was the music really necessary?
    and I felt happy when that lady came to put the fabric over their faces 🙂 such a nice lady
    how is it known that their “gay twinks” btw??
    and p.s this is my first ever comment on Best Gore 🙂 just joined today!!

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