Injured Biker Sits Under Truck Making Weird Noises

Injured Biker Sits Under Truck Making Weird Noises

Injured Biker Sits Under Truck Making Weird Noises

Sounds like it’s another one from Brazil.

The video shows a biker stuck under a truck after an apparent accident. He’s injured and bleeding, but just sits there under that truck and makes weird noises. People walking around don’t seem to have enough compassion to at least comfort him in some way.

I got no backinfo. Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. i don’t know how to write a comment, i can’t seem to find a button that says “comment” anywhere so i’m just going to leave this here. Hello everyone! i’m relatively new to Best Gore having only been on this website for about a month or so, this is my first account. you guys seem like a fun community with a good sense of humor. i have a couple of questions and would be happy if anyone could answer any of them. number 1: is there a way to go fullscreen on some of the videos here? the “PIP” button is the best i could find, however i rarely use my phone while browsing BG :P. number 2: are there any rules about what you can post on this website? i’ve heard about the incident of 1 lunetic 1 icepick and i’m not sure what’s allowed and what not. i’m not sure if i’ll be posting anything as of now, but in case i do it’d be good to know. that’s pretty much it for me. really enjoying thise site so far, thanks for reading and have a great day everyone :D.

      1. Welcome John, comment button should be at the very bottom. There arent any rules it seems some folks go overboard dark humor and some racist name calling should be expected. Try not to get offended.

      2. Welcome. You can’t post video here. Send them to Mark and he’ll do the posting if it fits. Your role here is to be entertained by the gore, comment on them and endure whatever racism you perceive. Try not to take anything personal

      3. john, are you kidding me? rules. they ant no rules and and ant no mercy. get over it. you sound so sweet. you are about to loose your virginity. Here at BestGore. KXK777 Sapere Aude – Older lick am Arsch busted your cherry. you didn’t answer him. he ask, are you a nigger ?

          1. i’m sorry for not responding. i haven’t been active since the making of this account. not very responsible of me, i know. to answer your question JXK, no i’m no african american lol. and also, thanks for the help, all of you! i appriciate the warm welcome i’ve been given by you guys, it means a lot <3. on another note, i get the humor, and i find the comments on this site hilarious, however i like to try my best not to offend anyone, i don't think that's very.. "me". but enough of me, how are you guys doing? how and when did you guys discover this site? what are your favorite catogory/catogories? what's the most evil thing you guys have seen on here? do you guys come here often? i'd love to know! either way, thank you Daladoe, JXK777, Bionic Wrist Action, illegalsmile55, Kennon, Goritorian, Ronnie and Regina phalange for being so supportive! i'd love to make friend with you guys.

      4. john, I glad you didn’t get offended by the comments. I find this sight nasty. I was hooked on porn until o found this sight. the first video i watched was two men getting their heads sawed off with a chain was. after that i was hooked. the best one i guess would be, the little Mexican getting his face peeled off while still alive. or maybe man getting his heart ripped out and it still beating and he’s still alive looking at his own heart. I’m not a sickO, It just amazes me how much a human can take before they pass or how little some can take. you sound like an intelligent fella. just don’t let this shit mess you up. god speed. i have to go.

          1. Of course. It’s a painting of Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski.He never titled his paintings leaving the interpretation completely to the viewer. So I can’t tell you what’s the exact symbolism here but I can tell you what it means to me.

            I see death and destruction.The horse and the rider reminds me of Apocalypse .
            Birds (?) flying in the sky seem to be terrified, as they want to escape, save themselves from what is coming.
            The woman on the horse however, is motionless, like she gave up on everything.I can feel her resignation and helplessness.
            Both rider and horse appear to be in a deep state of decomposition.
            But the child (?) she holds looks different. Notice its color. As if it’s built of something else that makes it immune to the destruction.
            It’s like a light in the tunnel , gives some hope that maybe it’ll survive the armageddon…

            The biography of Beksinski is very interesting as well.Some say that his family was cursed (tam tam dam dam… spooky music Lol).
            First the death of his wife, then the suicide of his son, and in the end Beksinski himself was murdered in 2005.

            If you (or anyone else) is interested in a similar type of art, I recommend paintings of Wieslaw Walkulski or Dariusz Zawadzki.

          2. Why thank you, Nem.It was all done by me. I’ve just changed the background and made it monochromatic (most Greek word ever).I love black and white photography,makes everything look more artistic in my opinion,gives this elegant retro style.
            Plaka is a great place for coffee…and revealing all the secrets… 😉
            Btw I found Jan’s work on Twitter.i love it!! I saved some of the images but still haven’t decided which one to use as my background.Grr , 4 out of 5 pics I’ve kept are vertical…
            I saw the one you uploaded, too bad we can’t enjoy it in all its beauty (at least I can’t see the whole image on my phone).

          3. The comment thread is getting confusing!
            @reginaphalange. Yes ,I love photography as well and I do like edgy back and white for mood effects. Good on you. I will keep putting up some erotica for myself then given you can access Jan anyway.

            @jxk777 I didn’t invite you to Athens as I know you are already conversing with Regina privately and thus able to organise dates etc already. 😉

            To answer your question , I’d love to meet you in Athens with Regina once this fucken covid is over. You are so lucky though. You have cheap airfares! I have to spend a fortune and make it there on business or some such. Fours hours from Ireland to Greece? Fours hours doesn’t even get me out of Australia!

            Maybe ,Regina can bring some female friends along to the coffee date as well? Some tall leggy Slavic babes with bright smiles…

          4. Hi Nems.
            Yes the thread is a little confused now, Pavlova, (Regina to you). and myself seem to be often causing this recently with our bombardment of bullshit, tho it’s all done in the best possible taste we can muster. Seriously we are Likened to 2 children in the Playground unsupervised. Also notifications are not quite fixed yet so, only seeing this looking for a reference to some other thing we were discussing.

            Yes the Greek encounter could be a happening in the not to distant, we will see, myself and Pavlova are communicating outside of BG which is some craic, tho that we are, we carry on much as we do here.
            Just that it is private..!
            We haven’t to consider the audience, which makes it er, more personal and in depth.
            She IS a smart cookie Nems, I will say that. (and no more, because she’ll probably see this) but, also gets enough compliments as well. Ok Bitch *waves* haha.
            Not at you. Her.
            Especially seeing as how she is Autodidakt.
            So yes Mr Nems, your Mother would be proud should you be the ONE She is looking for.
            Tho, and I know that I’ve said this before to you, there are ‘if’s’ which are:
            If your Auntie had Balls, She would be your Uncle..!

            PS: I know that you are not nosey, just curious. Pretty much as I am myself so. There are (is) no bone(s) of contention.
            Ya auld Dawg you…

          5. Nems i don’t have any girfriends and I don’t know any Slav babes here in Greece haha My last female friend was short, big ass Greek tomboy, who turned out to be lesbian in the end…lol I just don’t get along with women.

          6. Dammit Jack I’ve been working on my slut- bimbo- retard reputation for months! Are you trying to ruin it? Lol
            Nem,I have to admit that all we talk about is quantum physics, the theory of relativity, the universe and such…haha
            But seriously Jack, thank you I really appreciate it.

          7. It’s pretty damn hot up here but my head is working just fine.Besides I have slaves carrying an umbrella anywhere I go and rubbing sunscreen all over my body.
            I’m not familiar with the number 68…

          8. Yes Pavlova, and I’ve got a bad case of
            nobody to play with in the Playground.

            Again I’m contemplating suicide by lethal projection.
            Tho couldn’t find the instruction manual.

            Tried gassing myself but couldn’t produce enough gas, plus the smell is terrible.

            Similar to our hotel experience of a while ago I decided to take sleeping pills while in bed, then set the mattress on fire.
            Fuck, woke up soaked to the skin with a migraine headache.

            Then decided to try jumping out of the window, my luck being as it is there was a lorry passing transporting a bouncy castle, deflected off it and went straight thru a fucking Soft Toy Emporium window.
            Now I’ve to pay damages..!

            Fucking Joke this is, been pulling me wire soo much I’ve strained my tongue..!

            Tried the ceiling fan, the elastic band broke.
            Then electrocution but as you know that I’m solar powered, so I’ve managed to drain all the batteries and get a little Suntan.

            So then I thought I’ll go Mexican/Bwazilian, style and chop myself into pieces. But the hospital has wrapped me in so many splints and bandages couldn’t cut thru them, effectively by the time I’d reached skin I had no energy left.
            So poisoning seemed like a last ditch option,
            I drank a litre of CBD’s oil 25% ate an ounce of my best weed absolutely stoned as a leper, barely able to crawl never mind walk I threw myself in the River. But (you’ll find this hard to believe). You NEVER Guess what..?
            My Friend from last week who disappeared, yea. Mr. Anaconda fucking turned up, so once again he plucked me from the water then took me to a Whorehouse but me being the faithful Mann that I am, wouldn’t fuck the cute Asian girls, so I’m resting in the garden totally sexually dismayed with a very sore Mickey and Hands and alot of broken sex toys..!
            Anaconda keeps telling me to look on the bright side.
            I tell him FUCK OFF.
            But he has the remote control for my wheelchair and keeps pointing me to the Sun….!
            Don’t know what I’d do if you went away for a month, huh.
            Probability is I’d Die of natural causes..?
            PS: Hurry on back willya, we’re both missing you Terribly.
            Also I can confirm that one is never truly alone being schizophrenic, just that I’m sick to death’s with the boring company..!

            Absence is not making my Heart grow fonder, to the contrary it is only making it race in my chest like a fuckin bad dose of Liberal messiah, Oh where fore Art thou Greta..!!!
            My poster Child, my Muse, my only remaining Desired Swedish sexual conquest…!!
            Oh, thank Fuck nurse is here with my medication, huh. More red pills…

          9. My cutest Honey Badger I miss you so much that not even my favorite tamakeri performed on my slaves won’t cheer me up.
            Anyway, let’s focus on your problem.Hmm…Have you tried running into a glass door? Or taking a selfie at the edge of a cliff? Maybe riding your motorcycle wearing flip flops?
            And if it all fails then there’s always good old suicide by a cop! I’m sure one would be delighted to help you out…

            Oh, Sugarballs please be patient. And tell that Anaconda that he’s being a dick! Regi will be back on Sunday to take care of her Babysaurus.

          10. Hi hi Missy Pavlova.
            Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, didn’t REALLY want to kill myself outright but, armed with your suggestions there is a chance that I get it without too much more effort now.
            Been really busy in the garden built a high bird table disguised as a tree, now I’m reducing the Ringneck problem almost conveyor belt style.
            Gives me something to do, from daybreak until sundown. I can still hear a few remaining tho off in the distance a couple of miles so now their not so irritating.
            Mr Anaconda, yea he’s a bit of a dick alright but to be fair twice now he’s saved my life so I’ve to give him some credit but it’s going to his head he’s telling everyone in the hospital (yes they haven’t let me go yet, cunts). That he’s my guardian angel..!
            Seriously if he keeps it up I’ll make a suitcase and a pair of shoes from him.
            Especially of a night when he says that he is only giving me a Mann cuddle yet I’ve to keep nappies on to catch the shite..!
            Oh and his fucking breath is raw sewerage.
            Any hooze, I digress.
            I’ll focus on Sonntag and our unity once more and you’ll get your 68, twice, maybe thrice if you are lucky.
            Take good care of yourself now, make sure to keep them fuckin slaves in order, whip the living be’jaysus outta the ungrateful fucks, do they not realise what a privileged position Their in..?

    1. It’s impressive to see how a group of “civilized people” can be so comfortably entertained by another human’s real agony. The same group of “civilized people” don’t hesitate to refer to the natives as “savages”. Hmm!

      1. The guy was saying: help me please help…. And people said: hd on the ambulance is coming. People was trying to help but they can’t touch him, this is the recommendation of health ministry in Brazil unless you’re a doctor you must waiting for the ambulance.

    1. Filmed back in 2012. (Other angle showed pink hair wound around lug nut.) Think I read it was feminist that just got her period and camera man is focusing on juxtaposition of that Mann Filter in view. Just not gonna touch it cause feminist and all, waiting on girl for the save. Still there ,although back in 2015 someone tossed her tampon (gender unknown)

  1. Dude was probably in shock, and alot of pain – that blood could be coming
    from an internal wound of organs and coming out his ass for all we know
    It was selfish of him not to change the oil & filter though, as the oil filter was right
    there in front of him
    And cyclists wear lycra, not jeans
    Lazy cunt
    . .

    1. @spankmymonkey @happy

      “Man bestgore You guys are still the shit but why can’t I any of the old uploads?”

      Several years ago, someone complained to Best Gore’s video hosting service about BG’s content and, instead of the usual ‘account is currently on hold, remove offensive files within *insert deadline* to reactivate links or account will face deletion’ they immediately deleted EVERY SINGLE VIDEO without any warning whatsoever, which is why the older videos won’t load. I have no idea if there’s still an archive somewhere that we could use to manually ‘reattach’ each video to its original post (I’d be happy to donate my time if someone were to teach me how, as that’s a bit beyond my skill level.) but for now those old posts are just placeholders. It’s a damn shame, there are so many videos that I still remember, even after all these years, that I wish I could re-watch or share with people.

      TL;DR Idiot whined to other idiots and made years of work go *poof* into thin air.

  2. Ouch..! Seems like maybe his head is caught on something. On another note.. very, very, verrry few of these videos have people helping one another in times like this. They just stand there with a camera and jibber-jabber without a care in the world. If I was there I wooda grabbed a crowbar and popped that dudes head out like a cork from a nice bottle of Shiraz. But hey whatever

  3. Poor Guy Man. 🙁
    I Think that he has a broken neck, and because of it he does not want to move too much until the paramedics show-up, and remove him carefully after installing a neck brace first. I Could be wrong but because he keeps making that strange noise would indicate to me that the slightest movement causes him some great discomfort and severe pain. I Hope that he turns-out ok, and that once healed-up decides to purchase a car instead of a bike, as his mode of transportation.

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