Intense Double Crunch Accident with Twin Dashcam View

Intense Double Crunch Accident with Twin Dashcam View

I think this is an easy contender for the best dashcam video I’ve ever seen. The intensity of the moment is amplified by twin camera views – one providing the view of the driver, and the other the driver’s view.

The fact that he was double crunched, the look on his face when his rear view mirror gave him the glimpse of what’s about to come in the next tenth of a second, and the oversized sunroof that blew open on impact all add to the overall awesomeness of the footage.

He stopped because he was turning left and needed to wait for the semi to clear the oncoming lane. He did have his signal on, which he turned on at the same time he applied his brakes. He did not floor the brake pedal to stop abruptly.

Regardless, there are countless reasons why a driver may need to stop – the car in front of him is turning left, someone is in the road, an object is blocking the road, someone was pulled over and he needs to wait for traffic to clear to safely pass…

The reason why he stopped is not important. As an operator of a motor vehicle, it is your responsibility at all times to maintain safe distance behind the car you’re following, and to maintain full awareness of the situation on the road.

The way I see it, the accident was entirely the fault of the driver that rear ended him.

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    1. Aaahhhh nothing!! I dont have shit for this vid. But glad hes ok…fat boy!! Ride a harley..its better ..back to me porn and beer …ok.not porn but mee scottish …..ways..aye..lads..

    2. There may be more going on here than meets the eye…….Fat boy was keeping an eye on his rear view mirror at the ” rammer” until the first impact, which looked very deliberate.. Perhaps someone with a grudge towards him intentionally trying to push him into that box-truck?? Hmmmmmmm.

  1. Wow!!! Total debaucherized douchebaggery of the tit-head who rear ended him. I guesstimate, it was a female of the most venomous creature. I bet she was putting on some fucking makeup to cover the shit on her ugly mug. And now she must be weeping, “this man just stopped in the middle of the road, oh my God! oh my God!” (fanning her mug with both her hands while OMGing). No bitch! You ain’t always right!!! Shut the fuck up! Or I’m gonna pop your bulging Adam-apple, you stupid tea-bagger!!!

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      1. LoL! @ danielray! No man, I love chicks! But only what they are good for. Not for driving vehicles though. You know very darn well what they are good for, and thaT iS iT 😉

      1. @Mr.Nightmare! LoL! Nothing’s wrong with me! I’m probably one of the sanest you have ever met 😉 BTW, love the video my friend. You have made my day! Thanks a bunch!

  2. He took those hits like a champ! Much calmer than I’d been when getting out of the vehicle lol Since it was clearly the fault of the driver who rear-ended him I’m glad to see he looks like he’s completely fine. I hope he’s getting out to calmly beat the shit out of the asshole that shoved him into the path of the truck!

  3. I’ve been rear ended before. Not that hard, but pretty hard and it knocks the wind out of you believe it or not. This guy got it pretty bad with the other hit. I’m surprised he wasn’t more disoriented. I’m sure his neck will be sore for a couple months.

  4. I was hoping to see he head pop off or a drop of this sucks..i hope he broke his hip and fractured every area of his leg. He didnt have his signal on so i hope the insurance company fucks him, and when he goes home to his wife i hope they get into an argument and he kills her an he goes to jail and they rape and kill him! I hate ppl who dont use signal in advance not when you press on the break at last min..inconsiderate fat piece of shit!

  5. I regularly let fly with multiple obscenities just going to get a cup of coffee, (people here refuse to use turn signals and other basic driving stuff, not just the old/handicapped drivers to boot). I can’t believe he stayed silent through that. Even pilots crashing at 10,000 ft/minute manage to get out a “shit!” or “That’s it, we’re fucked!”.

    1. Agreed. I thought I heard two maybe three relay clicks of his blinker. Nowhere near a hundred feet prior to his turn. It’s as if he just jammed on his brakes and expected everyone to know he was planning on turning. His fault I think but driver hitting rear of another vehicle is at fault.

  6. Out of curiosity why the Fuck is this guy’s car equipt with those 2 cameras to begin with? Unless he’s an officer or a stunt driver I can’t think of any other reason why I would do that. Lol looks like he shit his pants

  7. A fatal accident happened on my steet only a few houses away from me. A 27 year old going at least 130 in a 30mph zone, lost control, took out main power pole, cat hit palm tree higher than my head. That’s when the car obliterated into peices. Body of man fell at bottom of the tree on his neck. His front clip of 93 mustang landed about a block away, but everything else exploded into peices in seconds. He was not wearing top part of seatbelt and slipped out. I was walking my dog in that direction when it happened. It was around midnight so no one else got hurt.

      1. I felt the same.
        I was angry. Very angry, people looked at me like I was insenseative. (I was taking picks) But his carelessness could have hurt some one else as a result. Maybe watching this sight taught me to take picks and preserve it to share with others. Perhaps I was desensitized that night. I was pissed at the guy.

        But the mother wailing the next day. I feel for her. She’s paying the ultimate price, he passed instantly.

        I stayed for six hours and watched. The forensics chic took tuns of picks. And kept to herself, they did not remove the body for four hours. His shoulders were starting to go into rigger. I have pics of that too. Some bystander gave me shit for taking the pics….but I had no sympathy for the deceased that night. None. I was not being disrespectful. The dead man was!!!!

  8. Watch how fast this fucktard slows down to stop at that driveway. He deserved to have his teeth smashed out on the steering wheel for driving like a piece of shit with his head in the clouds- one more worthless sack of flesh the world should have to worry about tolerating.

  9. Jammy bastard, A few more yards into the oncoming lane and he was proper fucked. I love how he doesn’t make a sound. He didn’t even have time to shit himself I’d say, although he probably followed through on that shortly after.

  10. I know last car supposed to have car under control but it looked like dude could’ve made it easily before the other truck plus it almost looked like he waited till last minute to give turn signal which really ticks me off when people do that. Makes me wonder if he has the dashcam for insurance scam I know dude at fault but still alot of shady people will stop hard trying to get rammed then claim all these injuries to get insurance money

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