Intoxicated Man Wanders on Tracks, Gets Hit by a Train

Intoxicated Man Wanders on Tracks, Gets Hit by a Train

This intoxicated man wander on railway tracks and got hit by a gravel train. As the drunk’s luck would have it, the man survived the encounter although both his legs suffered severe injuries. Doctors were able to save one of the legs, the other one had to be amputated. Still, not many humans get out of a wrestle with a train alive.

I’m not sure what his level of intoxication was, but it’d be funny if he was so out of his fucking mind, he wouldn’t even know he was taken to a hospital with shattered legs. Then when he starts sobering up, he’d be like… what shit! Get that off me! WTF?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Intoxicated Man Wanders on Tracks, Gets Hit by a Train”

  1. my uncle is a train conductor or what ever you call the people that drive the train and it happens more then you think cases like this drunk stumbling on the rail road tracks my uncle has had it happened recently also so i would also like to know when this was lol may be the same guy my uncle could see the man on the tracks that night when he fell on them he tried to stop the train in time but it didn’t help as everyone knows a train dose not stop on a dime my uncle said the mans legs was a wreck and one was even off so maybe the same one my uncle was very upset and shook up over the thing he had to take a while off work because of it he did say the man was still alive and didn’t know a thing maybe the same one 😀

    1. @1girl1cup a bum came up to me and told me if I could spare some change last Saturday night he told me he was going to buy a beer I said what the heck my friend looked at me and said *your stupid why did you give him the money he’s going to spend it on alcohol* my response to her *so hey he didn’t lie to me* O_o *other bums lie to you but this one didn’t so yeah ^_^ I know that 50 cents I gave him was going to be a ticket for him to someday end up in this website hobos can’t afford Internet or computers you know what I mean OoO that was one honest hobo < 3

          1. While it’s true he has but one shoe
            he could make due splitting them in two
            for the road he walks is paved with jelly
            as long as there’s booze inside his belly

            Or he could get a motorized scooter. Who needs shoes when you can scoot?

  2. How the he’ll do people keep getting hit by trains?!? You look to the left, you look to the right. All clear? Step across tracks and go home.
    But No-good, these idiots gotta wait until the train is 3 and 1/2 feet away, and THEN decide to cross tracks!
    On lighter note, his leg now looks like fire kindling, no?

    1. Oh, yes. Meth is so much better than alcohol. You get to look like an old man/woman at age 30. You lose your mind, and you descend into a world of paranoid delusion. Much better.

      By the way, the picture with the caption saying it is the leg that was saved is actually the right leg with the shattered bone. The docs just laid the leg on the table with the bone together. The muscles are shredded. Look closer. There are actually two pics like that.

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