Iranian Cop with Severe Head Trauma Extracted from Crashed Car

Iranian Cop with Severe Head Trauma Extracted from Crashed Car

Iranian Cop with Severe Head Trauma Extracted from Crashed Car

Video from Iran shows people extracting a body of a cop from a crashed police car. I don’t have any further backinfo, but the extent of the cranial trauma must have been fatal.

It looks like he was not wearing the seatbelt and smashed his head as the vehicle impacted or rolled.

Props to Best Gore member @pachen for the video:

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42 thoughts on “Iranian Cop with Severe Head Trauma Extracted from Crashed Car”

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        1. Islam is dead in Iran and the 4% governments and their dogs abuse it for their anti-Iranian purposes. England, Russia and China helps mullahs for that purpose. they don’t want an strong country like Iran in middle-east for lots of reason.

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      1. Yeah agree, This is a cop and he’s not even wearing a seatbelt for fucksakes I mean go figures, last time I checked cops enforce civilians to wear seatbelts when an individual is in a vehicle since its classified as safety and cops will get all uppity about pulling you over asking questions like sir have you been drinking, sir did you have your seatbelt on before proceeding to drive, Sir I need to ask you to hand over all your information including your ID, Sir I want you step out of your vehicle I need handcuff you and search your person, search your vehicle for any illegal drugs, Etc.
        But then again this is Iran and the country doesn’t exactly have the smartest Police Force on the planet, Who knows this cop might have been drinking and driving from all the booze he gathered from the last guy he pulled over…

        1. Been ticketed twice, for not wearing my seatbelt…

          If the state is so interested in my personal well being, they can pay for my car’s maintenance, insurance and license plates.

          …along with lower medical bills, in the case I end up looking like this poor bastard.

          Let’s see, the fascists have mandated seatbelts, Obamacare and soon to be vaccines. Who could possibly live long enough to enjoy their freedoms over the last one, huh?

          1. It happens I’ve gotten pulled over for speeding and gotten a ticket for it, I just don’t understand why Automobile industries makes vehicles with a speed of 275 mph when a road sign says go 45 makes no sense, What the fuck do I need extra speed for when I can’t go that fast without getting pulled over its not like I’m about go NASCAR racing!

            Yes exactly I think at the end of the day tho its all about that greed over money they don’t care what happens after they infested in so much into peoples lives, They’ll tell us the puppets to suck it up, I definitely think that law enforcement and the states, Government, Etc, Do a shitty poor job at it as they portray it to be and with all this covid 19 bullshit going around, It shows they all act like children, This Bill Gates character wants to put microchips inside everybody as a vaccine against the virus which is little bit shady to me with what they would do with the chips after this covid shit is over, As for Obamacare their has been a lot of talk about increasing taxes on healthcare which brings me back to my point its all about greed, Corruption of the economy, Fuck even blaming China for the corona when their greedy asses still owe them money for all the damn materials they imported over here in this wonderful land of so called America right?

  1. The accident happened at 2016, this is not new, It was in the city of Lamerd in Fars Province, the officer died as you see, but the duty soldier who was the driver survived, they crashed into the boulevard.

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