Jane Dornacker Death Audio – WNBC Traffic Helicopter Crash

Jane Dornacker Death Audio - WNBC Traffic Helicopter Crash

Jane Dornacker was a musician from San Francisco who moved to New York to become a traffic reported for local radio stations.

At 4:44 pm on October 22, 1986 Jane Dornacker was giving live traffic reports on the Joey Reynolds Radio on WNBC Radio when the helicopter she was reporting from plunged into the Hudson River from roughly 75 feet in the air. The helicopter nosedived, struck a chain link fence at a river pier, crashed into the Hudson River near to the Manhattan shore and sank in 20 feet of water.

Jane Dornacker died on her way to Saint Vincent’s Hospital. Her pilot and another occupant were injured, but survived. Jane was 39 years old.

In an investigation into the crash, the NTSB found that the sprag clutch that was installed in the helicopter which WNBC Radio had leased was a military surplus part not designed for use in a civilian aircraft, and that the part had not been adequately lubricated. It led to a mid-air seizure of the main rotor blades.

Jane Dornacker’s then 16 year old daughter Naomi, whose father died shortly before Jane’s death received $325,000 in a settlement with the owner of the helicopter.

There is no video of the crash but the audio of the live broadcast is pretty chilling. Props to Best Gore member De Geso for this hook up:

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    1. Well, the clipping shown says that she died 3.5 hours later at St. Vincent’s, but the story above says that she died on the way there. Not just that, but the witness statement says that it was not a nose-dive or a tail-dive, and then the story above says that the helicopter nose-dived. Great consistency there. Right about on par with what the modern news media gives us, come to think of it.

    1. Yup! Wtf does one even accomplish by reporting traffic?! If you see a bunch of red fucking tail-lights and cars stopped- there’s traffic! If you see a parking lot on freeway from the on-ramp-there’s traffic! If its commute time- there’s traffic! Must likely if there’s traffic in one place- it’ll be everywhere! So how’s that for this mornings traffic report?! Juicy reporting live from under the blankets of her soft and cozy queen sized bed!

  1. Her shouts of “Hit the water” were shouts of desperation, desprate to live. to avoid death… But no, her death was imminent and she knew it. So sad seeing someone fear death. Dominate death and you will win.

  2. I love hearing the dumb shit people say before they die lol. “What we’re moms last words? That she loved us and cared for us and enjoyed every day with us?” “No, I think it was ‘hit the water/hit the water/hit the water” lol

  3. Is it my imagination, or is there a discrepancy in Jane’s time of death? The print article says she died on the way to the hospital, the Web articles say she died 2 1/2 hours after the crash…which time is correct?

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