Jaywalking Mexican Woman in Heels Falls on Ass and Gets Hit by Car

Jaywalking Mexican Woman in Heels Falls on Ass and Gets Hit by Car

Jaywalking Mexican Woman in Heels Falls on Ass and Gets Hit by Car

This happened in Nogales, Mexico. The CCTV video shows a woman in heels jaywalking across several lanes of busy traffic when she’s surprised by a passing car. She tries to quickly stop, but the road seems slippery from rain so she falls on her ass and gets hit by said car.

I got to say, that was a spectacular back fall and head slam with double tap from the car.

Props to Best Gore member @crysec for the video:

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77 thoughts on “Jaywalking Mexican Woman in Heels Falls on Ass and Gets Hit by Car”

    1. In the busier areas, there are overhead walkways. However, it’s considered gay or worse, gringo, to use these facilities.

      If the pedestrian survives in Mexico, it’s jaywalking. If they die, it’s called enshrinement and the family has to build a little shrine in the boulevard. Sometimes on a commemorative occasion, a family member gets killed. That’s called estupido.

    1. Excellent point. Some want to be personified as hero so badly that they’ll throw the person under the bus themselves then act like they’re helping that person to make themselves look good. Beyond pathetic.

  1. She was 100% at fault. There would have been no way for him to see her the way she suddenly flanked him, she didn’t stop BEFORE the next lane where the white truck had just sped by soon to be followed by the vessel of her doom. She was like a deer jumping below someone’s hood. On the fence as to whether this was survivable, the car was going at a pretty good speed and it looks like the crushing happened around her hips/lower abdomen.

    1. Yeah, perforated intestines, shredded abdominal aorta, high impact brain damage, and certainly a crushed pelvis. If she didn’t die right there, she died shortly thereafter.
      Which places her in the hereafter… where she will never again fuck up people’s commute when there is only 1 lane moving at all.

      1. Close but no cigar..

        “According to the medical report, she was diagnosed with injuries to the right hand, as well as a probable knee and elbow fracture on the right side as well as several bruises on her body.”

  2. Scrape her up and get traffic moving. I hate when asshats have stupid and preventable traffic accidents when I’m trying to get to or from work.
    At least I’m salaried and don’t have to worry about punching a clock and losing pay because some local hillbilly can’t drive.

  3. NOGALES, Sonora

    A woman survived a shocking accident which was recorded in a video from a security camera.

    The incident occurred at 9:10 am when they alerted the C4 about a woman hit on Plutarco Elías Calles Avenue and Corella Street in front of the Santa Trinidad shopping plaza. The affected was identified as Minerva FS, 22, who was helped by Red Cross rescuers to be admitted to the Medical Center with injuries that take more than 15 days to heal. The police statement details that the woman was walking talking on a cell phone and about 50 meters away from the pedestrian lines and that after three lanes were run by another vehicle.

    The car that hit the person was a Saturn, model 2017, brown, with plates WEV2779 from Sonora that was driven north of the city by Jaime, 26 years old.

    According to the medical report, she was diagnosed with injuries to the right hand, as well as a probable knee and elbow fracture on the right side as well as several bruises on her body.

    source ;

    1. Thank for this. They didn’t mention the part where the crowd tried to blame the driver.
      They should rather give him credit for being so alert to stop timely rather than run her over…
      And why does the news publish the car plates? that’s stupid at best.
      The detailed description of the car is an indirect call on the public to do something about the “victimiser”. Fucking Feminist Country

      1. Probably a intern wrote that shit. Plates should not be there as you mentioned… and they mentioned she was on the phone…. She might be in a call, but the phone wasn’t on her ear. Daisy deserved the bump… caused problems for a lot of people, and probably didn’t learn her lesson.
        Thanks @analmusk

    2. Are they sure Minerva isn’t her stripper name? She looks more like a Daisy to me. She’s probably the clumsiest stripper in all of Nogales. Always falling off the pole and stumbling off stage, whoopsie Daisy.

  4. I hope she fucking died. Stupid enough to jaywalk on a busy street, stupid enough to fuck over someone who cares about her. Granted, jaywalking WAS invented to blame pedestrians for car accidents, seeing as there was no stopping the booming gas-guzzling death-machine industry. Stupidity is never an excuse, though. Thank goodness for instant judgement like this. I deny the concept of karma and take every related incident with a grain of salt, but stuff like this sure makes me stare at the ceiling for a while.

  5. When I was a dumbass teenager (before becoming a dumbass adult) I made a very similar mistake to this. Walking into a multiple laned road instead of finding a crossing, and not checking the last lane as I was crossing, I got hit by a car – but being the fatass that I was, I was just badly bruised. The driver was overly apologetic and offered to take me to hospital but I insisted it was my fault etc. I soon realized how stupid I had been.

      1. Had the decency to back up a couple of feet….. showing common courtesy to a fellow traveller……

        And obeyed the rescuers orders not to move frwrd. again and run her over a 2nd time…… looked like the driver balked…… but give the driver benefit of doubt for being also in shock……

        When 2 world’s collide, good CAN come out of it……

        And Please Have Your Pets Spayed And Nuetered…….

  6. Ya’ picked a fine time to leave me loose heal…….!!


    Well, when she snaps outta it, she has a good lawsuit against the maker of the shoe…….. Jaywalking is irrelevant…… pedestrian always win vs. car/trucks…… as well do cyclists….. they are never @ fault……. courts are crackers, Jack…… @trust me……

    Motorcyclists are another question….. different breed altogether……

  7. That dumb bitch just ruined someone’s day. Maybe even scarred them for life. She should go to jail. I hope the driver didn’t get in any trouble. It was clearly not his fault. Then again, it’s Mexico. He’s probably flayed, dismembered and beheaded by now by that dumb bitch’s second cousin. ;(

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