Jogger Killed by Female Driver Jumping Curb in Batam, Indonesia

Jogger Killed by Female Driver Jumping Curb in Batam, Indonesia

Jogger Killed by Female Driver Jumping Curb in Batam, Indonesia

CCTV video from Harbour Bay in Batam, Indonesia, shows a female driver taking the fuck out a jogger strolling along the median.

The female driver hit the median almost square on at a high rate of speed, propelling the vehicle into the air, hitting the jogger’s head with its metal frame.

Seriously, only a female driver could pull this level of incompetence behind the wheel off. The jogger too could have picked a better place for a run.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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167 thoughts on “Jogger Killed by Female Driver Jumping Curb in Batam, Indonesia”

          1. Nah Most women are just shit drivers lol
            Had a bitch nearly knock me off my bike because she wasn’t paying attention, probably to busy thinking what she was going to cook her husband that night instead of concentrating on the bloody road lol

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  1. Another great entry in the ‘final destination’ pantheon. I envy these fuckers that have death claim them without warning and with relative speed and lack of suffering. Who wouldn’t rather go out like this than spend 6 months rotting on a cancer ward? Lucky bitch!!




    For the non nerds that’s from resident evil nemesis

    That was hilarious! That’s what you get for jogging slower than a fat cunt on a motorised scooter… And for doing it on the fucking road… Well at least they’ll be good fertiliser now.

  3. Hey Lady Driver,
    It’s ok. You don’t have to walk gingerly out of the car. The jogger you knocked over with your big car (that you can’t handle) is fucking flat out on the ground. They won’t get up and hurt you.

    Also, given that you’ve really hurt someone, I suggest you RUN towards the person. SECONDS ARE TICKING. Check if their spine is broken (don’t move them then). If not, check their airways, breathing and circulation, give them kiss of life.

  4. He could have stayed home and did exercises rather than walking in the street. He had slow reflexes and paid the ultimate price for his walk in the street. His reaction was too slow but fast enough that he knew he was a goner and had fright written all over his face within the second of impact.

  5. Some times, when i see women drive..
    I feel jealous in Saudi Arabia ..
    When woman is not aloud to drive ..
    They drive slow ,and zigzag, one hand with mobile phone, and can couse some times accidents….
    All i want in same moment is go out of the car , and brake their faces …
    I hooe she will get equal punishment…
    She must did in her car everything except drive…

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  8. How fucking freakish things can get . Her fate said , it’s enough you better watch out but she barely heeded ;and who the fuck goes jogging on the roads when there are parks and places much safer than risking hazards out there where you would only expect the vehicles to be plying .
    Her departed soul still can’t figure out what the fuck suddenly went wrong .
    Somebody just reported she was seen jogging in the sprawling corridors of Hell . And the guy who sniffed her life away was the Devil himself .

  9. Translation of actual audio track:

    Driver: “we need an ambulance down Jalan Penghibur way, I just got some fully sick air time offa trotter”

    112: “are you sure you need an ambulance, and not a shovel for that job?”

    Driver: “shit you are right and she will make some nice chitlins, yeah cancel the ambulance my cook just turned up”

  10. How can you have so little peripheral vision not to see a vehicle coming at you diagonally across multiple lanes? The jogger didn’t even react at all, even when the vehicle was inches away. Incredible.

  11. Love the Music. More.

    On close up examination we can see that she saw the car coming. Too late. That was a hell of an impact. Bet it knocked her out of her “jogging” shoes. Bummer. One minute your jogging the next your a memory. The Reaper has no bias

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