Just Another Day in Russia – Girl Caught on Dashcam

Just Another Day in Russia - Girl Caught on Dashcam

Mother Russia is so awesome. You never know what to expect and even when you’re ready for weirdness, she’ll still surprise you with something special.

This video is difficult to describe – it just has to be seen. During an early morning hour, a Mazda driver with dashcam rolling pulls up to an available parking slot and stops. A girl the walks into the camera’s field view and what ensues can only be described as “just another day in Russia“.

You can tell by how her hair bounced that she hit her head pretty hard against the front of that other car.

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      1. ***she looked weird. I didn?t see any blood or a gash in the head. maybe it was on the other side of her head.

        …and you won’t either

        I always take everyone’s keys at the door, before I even tap the first keg.

        However, the Marshall Amps, can leave everyone a little dizzy, on their walk home.

  1. Just another example of why vodka, woman, and walking don’t necessarily mix. Hope that hard bonk to her head woke her up a little. I’ve been that drunk and done the same whirly spin and bonk as she did…I had to try and sleep with a bucket next to my bed, and yes, my asshole was super pissed at me the next morning

    1. Nah, not a chance of finding him. Last time anyone saw him, he was out with his comrades, having a final vodka back in 1990 in Germany.

      …Okay, there were a FEW final vodkas.

      …Maybe a few more.

      …That’s better.

    1. no kidding! I count my blessings for that saving grace @wm…
      …..I do recall, on one of my milder nights, making out with a very large stuffed grover……annnd that’s about all I shall say about that…
      ahhh the good ole days….

  2. Yup typical russia, would of been evwn funnyer if ass the same time in the background someone jumped from top of the building since they seem to be quite the bunch of jumpers round there lol would of been the funnyest mix,
    Oh and then someone in flip flops could run up to the dead jumper and did a pointer too. Lol

        1. Just in Everything is bigger in Texas. Peacemaker Ale is marketing a new 99 can case of beer, 33 cans in a row stacked 3 high, The case is 7ft long and weighs over 80lbs. Finally a WTF for everyone.

          1. I hope the real Judge hasn’t brought the old hammer down on him, he said he’d been in court too thinking about it.

            @The Judge, where are you bro ??

  3. I thought it was the wind at first and she was leaning back so as to not fall..but nothing else was moving in a circle on that particular sidewalk. BTW…thats a classic case of russian musical “where are the chairs” lol

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