Kid Playing Hide and Seek Under Parked Truck Gets Crushed to Death

Double Flip Flop Death

Kid Playing Hide and Seek Under Parked Truck Gets Crushed to Death

On February 15, 2020, a 5 year old child was crushed to death by a semi truck in Parola Tondo, Manila, the Philippines.

According to the backinfo I got, the kid was playing hide and seek by hiding under the truck where it was parked. Driver did not notice the kid was under the vehicle when he drove off and ran over the kid’s head.

Props to Best Gore member @papabitch for the pics:

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      1. I’ve gotten it several times. i was thinking about making a forum post or something about it to see if it’s legit but i never got around to it. first time i got it, i accidentally clicked the button to get it but it redirected to a weird website at first so i immediately x’ed out of it. would be much appreciated if somebody could clarify wether it’s legit or not.

        1. No app that is not already on your device can tell if you are getting ads or are ‘infected’ (which is more bullshit).
          All of those type ads are bullshit.
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        1. Would have been epic, and a great post but I’d be in jail right now. And I’m trying to be employable again. I don’t really need to make the news for running over some loser in front of a Super Nogmart. I’d rather be wasting away my life in front of a computer screen at this particular point in time than dealing with legal problems.

          1. @dumbkunt
            I technically have a job again, in the security field. I just didn’t feel like going to it this weekend, or the past entire week. So I guess I don’t have a job again. Maybe I’ll be making hot and ready pizzas or handing you some fries while saying ‘thank you sir’ before long.

      1. @The captain – that story is horrendous. I sometimes can’t comprehend the parents that end up on these pages.
        But WTF ? Those parents are giants or what? Their mug shots taken with height measure show the stepfather was 6 foot 9” and the mothers says she was 6 foot 6” (including her Afro big nog hair). Am I reading that right or what?? I can’t think of what other units their heights could be measured in? For example I’m a big boy and I’m 6 foot 2” which is 184 cm, and know their are taller people of course, but two of them together? They would have looked ridiculous together in a room full of people or just walking down the street ( for more than 1 reason)……..

    1. @petunia – it’s def not better economically for the family to lose a child in SE Asia as that means the loss of free labour that was once dedicated to increasing the family’s income either as a worker on family plot or out earning money that was returned home to contribute………

    1. @samiamiamsam
      Me too, it was about 1am or a little later. I tried to avoid the son of a beeyotch, but it got run over by the rear driver side tire. Flopped around on the road awhile. When I came back around, since I was on a patrol it was already dead. Laid there a couple days, not sure what happened to it. Maybe someone gave it a Viking funeral. I’m thinking an owl carried it off and had a good dinner.

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  2. The kid should have stuck to the kiddish ways of playing hide and seek in a park or behind some buildings or trees rather
    Makes you wonder if he was playing it solo as there is no mention of any other kid of his age around .Not even the pictures have any other soul except some bikes looming out ,and that monstrous truck , the innocent little fella got mowed down under for infectious innocence of his .

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