Kid Playing in Road Ran Over by Parents in Truck

Kid Playing in Road Ran Over by Parents in Truck

Kid Playing in Road Ran Over by Parents in Truck

The accident happens when kid is eager to cross the street and not look any direction but straight. Kid is ran over by not one but two tires… for good measure. What looks to be concerned parents or bystanders pick the boy up and presumably take him to nearby hospital. And but of course, the driver of the truck is female.

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          1. @brokeback I’m new on here. As a matter of fact, very new, and i easily acclamated to the fact that these kind of comments are everywhere, and they wont stop coming. It might be their sadistic way of practicing their freedom of speech. But its easy to presume they are psychopaths after showing such lack of empathy in a video like this.

          2. @timcouss

            you could be right, you could be wrong… im evil and will continue to be evil, i cant change for any human being… if a kid gets run over by a car, thats his destiny. and a dead kid cant be offended. so my logical thought process is that it Doesnt Matter.

          1. TeeCouss:

            Your observation is correct. Comments tend to be quite insensitive and juvenile, but I guess to their defense they are not hurting anyone. It is also no great surprise that a website of this sort will elicit those kinds of remarks. This is probably one reason I usually do not read the comments, and this time looked only to see if there was an update in the comments section which might detail the fate of the child in the video. No such luck, but I think it is safe to assume that the accident was fatal.

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