Knee Ripped Open in Car Accident

Knee Ripped Open in Car Accident

Not much in the way of info on this one. A man was struck by a car in Bangkok and clipped his knee hard enough to open the whole thing up. Fractured bone matter and ripped muscle leaving this guy in agony on the street and giving him possibly permanent damage and compromised movement. As a runner, seeing this kind of injury really makes me grit my teeth, guess I can’t complain about shin splits now.

Translation makes next to no sense but seems to indicate that at least two people were struck.

Turn the front passenger airplane crashed into the driver gets injured

At approximately 15:40. 22/09/2014 Foundation sanatorium Pathom nukhro
Prompted the killings. 40th Cars and motorcycles In front hasadin
carwrap the Night Cave Hotel. Western rail road The scene found the
boys. 1 patient with an open wound on his left knee and fractured bones
exposed. Another body abrasion. Taken to hospital. Center Pathom
Local police. Downtown Bangkok.

Where is this airplane?

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      1. @Stomper.
        Hand on heart, never even worn flip flops or dog forbid sandals!!
        Well not since the age of 7.

        Did have my eye on a pair of purple croc skin winkle pickers with a big gold buckle, from Kensington market. Used to stare longingly through the window but never owned them.

        Those were the days, walk around looking like a complete twat but not give a shit!

  1. That piece of bone could well be the Knee Cap itself, or at least some of it. Bearing in mind the Patella floats above the joint, held in place by the various ligaments, it’s probably safe to say those vital sinews have well and truly snapped.

    Painful as hell.

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