Lamborghini Huracan Crash on M7 Motorway in Hungary

Lamborghini Huracan Crash on M7 Motorway in Hungary

A fuckwit in Lamborghini Huracan was traveling in excess of 300 kilometers per hour down M7 motorway between HollΓ‘d and SΓ‘voly in Hungary and predictably – crashed.

This Lamborghini HuracΓ‘n belonged to a luxury car rental company from Czech Republic named Dream Cars. It was one of only two HuracΓ‘ns registered in Czech Republic.

It would appear that the driver hit an uneven part of the highway, which thanks to the excessive speed, sent the car flying. Miraculously, both driver and female passenger survived, but had to be helivac’d to a hospital. The driver is facing reckless driving and endangerment charges, since the passenger was injured.

Apparently, instead of having the car insured with a commercial policy necessary for rentals, the owner only had a personal insurance policy, so he’s gonna have hard time recovering money for this expensive ride.

Props to Best Gore member dm111 for the video:

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      1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. When was enough enough? Plus to put your girlfriend in that type of danger as well is ridiculous! He deserves to face charges for stupidity as well! I don’t know how they both survived the crash, I guess it just wasn’t their time to go…

    1. I read all the comment , GIVE IDIOTS RENTAL CAR (A SUPER ONE ) AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPEND , IN OTHER FACT YOU ALL , I DON T KNOW , IN MY OPINION ARE RETARDS , why i say that , because , everyone in here allmows talk anothere facts , when this is a simple opinion on the video ….damn , excuse mi writing i am not american Peace

      1. A non American made car crashes…not in America, and to you America is at fault. Amazing logic. Both you and E.T. need to do a lil nationalistic introspection.
        “I’m havin a bad day, must be those damn Americans… Where’s my binky?”

        1. Holly shit! 300km per hour!!!!! I have a ZX10R Ninja 1000 that does that speed and I can’t tell you from stupid experience, that at those speeds all you can see is a small little tunnel of what’s ahead. You lose all sight of your surroundings and it’s absolutely the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done! I promised myself I would never do that ever again!!!

        1. I’m with you on the random inclusion of america in this ET’s post, but whilst you complain about always being blamed for everything – and yet here, not for the first time, you seem to love taking credit for every other fucking thing that ever happened. Please provide links on your comment @Gentlenatureman because as far as I see it, it had fuck all to do with the US and more to do with the Eastern Bloc round table talks and a lot more besides, that was finally happening then in Europe. However, if you’re going to start with the Reagan Rhetoric Story? please, don’t.

    1. At a MSRP of $250000 American dollars
      Minus the 20% instantaneously lost once you leave the dealership
      That is still a $200000 grants
      Piece of shit…..
      Watch the ashtray. …..could be worth 500 bucks
      What’s about the cigi lighter…..

    1. You seem to be the Gremlin type of guy. Those things were lead chariots definitely not a Pacer man those things were glass torpedoes, living in Florida that would be like driving a greenhouse.

  1. Mabey in the future people must first obtain an professional motorsport license before being allowed to drive or purchase such high powered machines. Motor vehicles can be fatal weapons in the hands of the fv.

    1. I see so many people driving cars they can’t handle. I don’t know why or how they get them but I’d prefer to see them in a 4 cylinder minvan instead of a midlife crisis sports car. It is basically the same as the girl from the very first car wreck post. Someone who couldn’t handle the speed, but drove that fast anyway. I’ve driven 240kmph but I was on a race track and even then it was a bit more difficult to control the car. If I hadn’t been racing for years I would have probably ended up crashing like this stupid bastard.

  2. Fat people are allways doing stupid shit… Also, that retard filming it cut it at the best part… πŸ™

    Ohh well, at first i was sad to see that they survived… but hell, they will be suffering for it, so all is good. πŸ˜†

  3. Here we go. On a Sunday drive to the Ice Cream social in the gayest excuse for a sports car fucking like green. Get your god damn clown shoes on fucking tasteless shit.
    Fucking crashed can’t drive and now retarted. -951-

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they totalled that motherfucker on purpose cause those cars are expensive to run. A buddy of mine had a pantera which is the poor mans Lambo and he drove it like 4 or 5 times a year because after he drove it something was always wrong with it. But goddamn when it was running it was awesome.

    1. A Peugeot 205 GTi1.9 could beat one of these from the lights. Hard to believe, but it is true. The Lambo would fly past after a few seconds mind you, but you can’t take it away from the GTi…. scary fast from a dead start and roughly 220 grand cheaper. Bargain.
      I’m going from memory here, my petrol head days are long gone. The Renault 5 GT turbo was similarly quick too, and as for the Ford Fiesta XR2i…. lightening quick and stook to the winding roads like shit to a blanket.
      Them were the days.

  5. WOAH!! 300 KPH?
    Remember the Tom Pryce accident? he was just driving 200 KPH, he hit a man and destroyed him in less than a second, imagine the horrible destruction of 300 KPH, it would be he worst thing ever

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